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The question of “What is the good life?” is one that I was challenged with by Professor Curta on that first day of class in mid-August. Over the course of a few short months I have examined the many aspects of this question while at the same time applying the concepts to my own life. Everyone’s answer to this age old question is a little different, and is completely dependent on the influences and goals of the individual. To me the good life consists of having a stable future and a group of close friends to spend it with. But like all good things, this does not come without a cost. For me these costs are, having to leave some of my childhood friends behind. As hard as this may be I know that it is for the better, and I keep my eyes on the task at hand, in the hopes of finding that good life.
My definition of the good life is not one that I fashioned overnight. It required me to look into myself and ask why I chose to live my life in the ways that I do. The first part of my definition, having a stable future, refers to me pursuing the best education possible and later obtaining a high paying job. The second part, having a close group of friends, is just like it seems. It is not possible to succeed without the love and support of others, and it is near impossible to be happy without them as well. One of the largest choices in my life so far has been my decision to attend the University of Florida. I wanted to major in computer science, and UF has one of the top programs in the state. This directly corresponds with my definition, as obtaining the best education possible will lead me to a stable future. I am confident that my choice was the correct one, but that does not mean that it came without consequences.
It is like I said before; good things do not come without a cost. The most important thing to consider in these situations is whether or not the benefits outweigh the costs. In my case the cost of attending the University of Florida, was having to leave some of my friends behind. These were people who I had known since elementary school. We grew up together and formed bonds that are hard to come by. After high school most of them continued on to college together, but I journeyed off on my own. Out of my entire graduating class only five of them are attending UF. This sacrifice was a challenge to overcome, but I know it is for the best.
My situation is very similar to the one that the AnDa Union performers had to deal with. They are a group of close friends who travel the world together preforming music. They made the choice to leave their homes with the hope of securing a better future for their families, and for...

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