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Costa Rica: Contemporary Environmental Issue Essay

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Biodiversity is the variety of life in a particular habitat or ecosystem. Costa Rica is in the tropical rainforest biome, which is home to more species of organisms than any other biome on Earth. There are several theories as to why it has such a large biodiversity. Some say it is because tropical rainforests provide a large number of habitats and niches. Another hypothesis is that because of Costa Rica’s close proximity to the equator, it didn’t freeze over; giving communities of species more time to evolve.
Having a particularly large biodiversity provides a wide variety of benefits to Costa Rica. Ecotourism is extremely popular in Costa Rica. The majority of people that visit Costa Rica ...view middle of the document...

The high number of tree plantations helps to build the biodiversity because it provides habitats for wildlife to live and grow.
Although measures are being taken to protect the biodiversity, there are still some things that threaten to harm the variety of wildlife that Costa Rica is so proud of. The population in Costa Rica is rapidly growing, which poses some threats to the biodiversity. The more people that inhabit the country, the more space that has to be urbanized, the more trees have to be cut down, and the more habitats are destroyed. This in turn, makes it harder for vegetation and animals to thrive, and it makes the space they have to do so, shrink. While biodiversity greatly raises the amount of tourism, tourism is threatening the well being of biodiversity in Costa Rica. Coastlines are being developed for the tourism industry. Ports are being built to make it easier for cruise ships to dock, which would benefit tourism. Hotels are also popping up along Costa Rica’s coastline to make travelling there seem more appealing by making...

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