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Costco Topia: Ten Elements Needed To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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A zombie apocalypse. It is something I worry about on a daily basis. Where would I hide? How would I survive? Well, the other day I was standing in the check-out line at Costco and I looked down at the contents of my cart. I had a bag of trail mix, a couple cans of corn and beans, a pack of water, a bottle of aspirin, and a memory foam mattress liner. I realized that if the apocalypse started, at that very moment, I would be absolutely fine. I had all of the elements and supplies needed to survive were in the building, if not already in my cart. Therefore, if a zombie apocalypse erupted today, people should seek shelter in Costco in order to survive.
There are ten elements needed to survive a zombie apocalypse: a steady food supply, clean water, medicine, transportation, gas, a defense system, a sturdy shelter, a safe place to sleep within the shelter, weapons, and simple tools. Costco supplies all of these items. According an article in The Concordian, “If you asked 100 people where they would hide during a zombie apocalypse, 98 would say Costco. Costco is a vast market that sells basically anything you would need to live there permanently” (Menexis). Unfortunately that still leaves those two out of one hundred people that disagree. Those people say that Costco would be an unwise place to be during the apocalypse because of its sheer size. They state that the massive size of a Costco store is too big for a person or even small group of people to defend. While this argument has a logical line of thinking behind it, there are several factors that render this viewpoint invalid. Costco does not need a huge defense system because it is literally a huge warehouse. This means that Costco is essentially a huge concrete box with two openings, one in the front and one in the back. Both of these openings have two layers to their construction. The inside one is a massive locked steel gate. The outer opening is a huge steel garage door, which has about a twenty foot wide hallway between the two. These openings are ideal for a line of defense. Therefore, in Costco, there is no reason for an army or a moat filled with alligators to surround the building. It has the simplest defense system possible, a locked door.
The three main elements needed to survive the apocalypse are food water and shelter. These are simple needs for a person to survive in any situation. There is a fourth need however, that is especially important during the apocalypse… medicine. Medicine is needed to keep people healthy and cure simple illnesses. Electric services would surely disappear once the apocalypse started. Therefore, sanitation would quickly disintegrate. This would increase the risk of someone getting sick, and so, creating a demand for medicine. These four elements are the first things a person would need to seek during the zombie apocalypse, all of which can be found in Costco. Not only does Costco have these four elements, it has large quantities of them. “A survivor in...

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