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Costomer´S Satisfaction On The Implementation Of Ladies Coach For Ktm Komuter

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1. Title: Customers’ satisfaction on the implementation of ladies coach for KTM Komuter.
What is Ladies Coach?
Ladies Coach is a coach that been reserved only for lady passengers when they are using KTM Komuter Service.
The Ladies Coach Icon:

The reason Ladies Coach was introduced to the public:
It has been introduced just to provide female customers the comfortable and safe journey. It’s also to avoid the risk of sexual harassment during the congested environment.
The Benefits of the implementation of Ladies Coach:
 To reduced the risk of sexual harassment and pick pocketing during they in the train.
 Avoiding the physical contact with the men customer
 A leisure journey
How to recognise the Ladies Coach?
The Ladies Coach will be in the middle coach of the KTM Komuter train set.
The availability of Ladies Coach:
The Ladies Coach is available all the times including weekends and public holiday.

Ladies Coach can be board by whom?
Ladies Coach can be board by the lady passengers with different ages and boys below the age of 12 who are accompany by a female guardian or relative.
The difference between the Ladies Coach and the normal coach.
Ladies Coach using pink colour and can be identified through special sticker that been attached on windows and doors on board and external of the train. Banners also been hung at the poles painted with pink colour at the designated area of every station.
What to do if male passenger board on the Ladies Coach.
All the passengers need to give their full cooperation. The ladies customer can approach the male passengers politely and ask them to switch to normal coach. If the door has closed and the train is in motion, the male passenger is required to sit back and switch to normal coach at the next station.
What the female passengers need to do if Ladies Coach is congested?
Female passengers are advised not to force themselves to board the Ladies Coach that is badly congested. Female passengers are advised to board the normal coaches or just wait for another train.

1.1 Background information
There are many complains about the service of KTM Komuter especially from the female customer especially when it came to their safety. Everyday will have new complained about sexual harassment that happens in the KTM Komuter. Ladies coach is introduced by KTM Komuter on May 2010 to provide the female user comfortable and safe journey. It’s also to avoid the sexual harassment in the congested environment. This is one of the efforts of KTM Komuter to make sure female users feel more comfort and safe when using the KTM Komuter. Through this topic of research “Customer Satisfaction on the Implementation of Ladies Coach by KTM Komuter I was made research in KTM Central and Bank Negara station, I find out some male passenger still not follow the rule that already been operative for long time.
1.2 Statement of Problem
KTM Komuter are believed have an increasing of complaints about the...

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