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Is The Constitution Effective? Essay

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The United States Constitution is questioned all of the time. Disagreements about the powers of national government and the rights of states have been frequent. Combined with the separation of powers, the protection of civil liberties, and the ability to create a national identity, the Constitution cannot be considered anything else but effective. The Constitution has lasted the nation this long, and many things concerning the Constitution have been debated. But, the Constitutions effectiveness cannot be questioned.At the Philadelphia Conference, where the constitution was signed and put the final touches on, the men who created the document wanted to make sure that monarchy would never rule over anyone of the U.S. again. The founding fathers did this by creating a separation of powers, with 3 branches of government; Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. With powers separated between these branches, it would ensure that the country would never fall under tyranny, and it never has. State and federal powers were also separated, giving state governments a little freedom to make their own laws, but still abide by all of the national laws as well. The founding fathers of the Constitution tried their best to create an effective part of the government where certain powers were separated, and they did just that.Civil liberties are basic rights guaranteed by laws or by a constitution. Usually when an American thinks of civil liberties, they think of the Bill of Rights, but the Constitution itself protects itself from tyranny. Many articles and amendments in the Constitution were put there for...

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