Could Capital Punishment Be Effective In Albania?!

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Execution of criminals and murders has been used very long ago by almost all the societies. Some of the main reasons that leaded to death penalty have been betrayal, murder, espial, but also some other disturbing crimes as incest, rape, etc. The notion ‘death penalty’ by itself, brings to our minds the bitter taste of the primitive society, where the only people who suffered from this punishment were the innocent ones. That is a wrong notion. Maybe it is the same sorrowful scene, but the criminal justice system these days provides the accuracy of modern forensics and DNA testing, which makes it very unlikely for an innocent person to be punished with death penalty (“Pro death penalty”, ...view middle of the document...

Since the abolishment of the death penalty law, people have created a lot of attitudes in their minds regarding to this kind of punishment. Many people generally oppose against it by mentioning the right of every human to live, and not to be murdered by the state. My approach against these people is what about the right of that poor victim who got murdered?? If we should protect our major right to live then we should let others live as well. If someone commits a crime and ends one person’s life then why should we respect the murderer’s right to live? We should not. We can also consider another important fact that the imprisonment in our country does not really work properly. A lot of murderers safely get out of jail after bribing some judges, or in parole cases. The point is, they continue to live even if they cut in the middle someone else’s life. Is this what we call justice, or respecting our human rights in terms of democracy?! This is just an ugly phenomenon that happens genuinely in Albania and must be stopped.
Many people argue that everyone should get what they deserve. In case of criminals this is best supported by one of the main principals of juridical system about punishment “The penalty of the criminal should fit to the crime he has committed” (Dionne, 2008). When somebody viciously commits a murder or numerous murders, then it does not seem right to me that he might be punished by jail, or even by imprisonment till death. He deserves to be harshly punished at the same manner he punished his victim. As an entire society, we should be more thin-skinned when it comes to these sensitive cases. We should think about it as if it happens to us one day. What would we expect for one person that threatens the life of somebody precious to us? Now, I know that death penalty seems very fair and very necessary if it comes to this point.
Considering in advance the fact that it might bring a lot of controversy to our country, it is good to discuss about some positive aspects that can be useful for our criminal justice. Firstly it is worth pointing out the fact that even people who kill, might be afraid of death, so maybe they would step aside before committing another crime the next time. Secondly, the capital punishment would improve the quality of people’s lives, because murderers would not be able to get out of jail anymore, and threaten their living. No executed murder has ever killed again (“Persuasive essay pro death penalty”, 2011). According to...

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