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As said in Ground Maintenance Magazine “You've seen it on television, heard it on the radio and read about it in nearly every newspaper and magazine you've picked up: E-commerce. It's everywhere.” (Albert n.p.) Shopping may seem easier to do online, but it is dangerous. Shopping online could pose a threat for identity theft. Shopping in the store is better than shopping online, because the safety, the guarantee, and the social aspect are all at risk.
As stated in Filipino Express, “Online identity theft is also a problem. Notorious risks are posed by phishing and pharming. In these scams, thieves use fake emails and Web sites to impersonate legitimate organizations. Likewise, hackers and viruses can infiltrate your computer to steal data or capture account names and passwords as you type them.”(Anonymous n.p.) There have been several identity theft issues occurring in the past few months. These issues have occurred from major stores to little small stores online. When a credit card number is entered there could be someone behind that website receiving the credit card number just as fast as the credit card number is being typed. When someone receives this information, that person now has access to whoever entered their credit card number`s name, address, age, and much more. Many computers have a firewall that people believe will protect them from identity theft issues. The truth is that firewalls are very easily hacked into and are easily passed with the right programs. There is another problem with shopping online; no one is guaranteed what they order online.
Not being guaranteed could have many examples; someone may not receive what they ordered, something may look a lot different online, or there is a chance that what someone ordered does not fit them. Sometimes an item may be ordered and then the item never comes, or a different item comes instead. Along with this it is never fun to order something and then have to wait several days or even weeks for that item to come. Then when something comes there may be a problem...

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