Is It The Government's Job Or Duty To Guarantee You The Right To Be Happy?

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Happiness can be considered both a physical and emotional state in which an individual has found satisfaction, or relief from stress and worry. Happiness can also be defined five billion other ways by individuals across the world. In order for the government to guarantee the nation's people their happiness would be impossible, but for the government to guarantee people the right to pursue happiness can only be expected.The government can provide people with an environment in which it is possible for them to be happy. It is up to the people whether, or not to take advantage of the resources and opportunities available to them. People have a right to be happy within the limits of laws, but cannot expect a government to guarantee them to be happy. In drafting the Declaration of IndependenceThomas Jefferson hoped that in this country people would be free to pursue whatever happiness they desired. He did not provide that the government would guarantee people their happiness. He calls it a certain unalienable right. Meaning people have a right to the opportunity to be happy, not that people must be kept happy by works of the government.A government cannot be depended upon to make people happy. Happiness depends on how the individual defines it. This would require the government to get too involved directly with people's lives. It is hard to even imagine what it would take for the government to keep everyone happy. What would they do? Go door to door asking people what they want or need to be happy? What about the people that do drugs to be happy, or want hundreds of millions of dollars? It would not be logical to even attempt this. This would only be attainable in a perfect society, but the individuals this would depend on, could never be perfect.It would be illogical and more importantly impossible for the government to guarantee people their happiness. This was not Jefferson's intent when drafting the Declaration of Independence, and it should never be interpreted that way. For the government to find out and arrange what would make every...

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