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Could The American Revolutionary War Be Avoided?

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Was the American Revolutionary War inevitable?

The American Revolutionary War was a very significant time period for the History of the United States. The colonies were ruled by the British Parliament and they began feeling as if they were being mistreated as they were forced to pay unfair taxes and their power as a whole was being very limited. Evidently they wanted to gain independence from the British. At first they attempted to take a non-violent stance and reason with the British government, but the British were reluctant to do so. As a result the American Colonist over time resulted in declaring war against them in 1775. Whether this war was inevitable or not has been debated for many years now; however the war was inevitable due to the fact that the American Colonist attempted to reason with the British Parliament to begin with but was quickly turned down. The word “Inevitable” means certain to happen or unavoidable. This means the question is asking whether the American Revolution was avoidable or not and although the question is very arguable and there is evidence to support both sides there is more evidence supporting the fact that the war was inevitable.
There were many factors that led up to the American Revolutionary War, one of these factors were the laws and acts being passed at the time. The British Parliament attempted to limit the power the American Colonist had at the time by taking away from their income. How they did this one may ask? The simple answer is taxes. One of the many taxes imposed was the stamp act. During this time the American colonies were being oppressed by the British one of the first signs of this was the Stamp Act. The act stated that almost anything written had to be stamped and taxed more specifically any documents. Some of the items included in this act were; “Among the items covered by the tax were wills, deeds, diplomas, almanacs, advertisements, bills, bonds, newspapers, playing cards and even dice. Anyone who was involved in any legal transactions purchased a newspaper or pamphlet or accepted a government appointment would have to pay the tax”2 This infuriated the colonist as they had just contributed a large sum of money for the seven years war. Due to this new act passed the colonist commenced non-violent protest throughout the colonies in hopes of getting this act removed.
The Currency Act of 1751 forbade the colonist from using paper money as a legal medium of exchange. The result of this was that the economist lost income as the economy was already struggling and was in a bad position. Trade also became increasingly difficult along with other acts that put a tax on imported goods; at this point to only get fur from the French was a hassle and illegal.
At this point in time more and more taxes were being passed and forced upon the colonist; as a result the colonist began revolting. Two more examples of acts being passed during the revolutionary time period was the Declaratory act of...

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