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Counesling For The Family Essay

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When counseling families it is imperative to keep in mind the many different backgrounds and that each client may come from. In therapy, it is necessary to adhere to each client specifically for what they need. When there are multiple clients involved it may be beneficial to include more than one type of counseling technique or therapy, also considered eclecticism. Marital and family therapy does have influential factors for counseling families, but pulling from other theories and therapies can be especially helpful for the clients. Person-centered therapy, reality therapy, behavior therapy, and most importantly Christian counseling can all be applied in one way or another to the clients that a therapist encounters in marital and family therapy.
Eclecticism is known as a theoretical approach that does not adhere to one specific therapy, rather it integrates multiples therapies and techniques that are useful to a specific client. It is not a one-size-fits-all therapy because it is tailored to each individual as therapists and counselors take techniques from other approaches to aid their patient. In eclecticism it is possible to incorporate methods from person-centered therapy, reality therapy, behavior therapy, while using influences from Christian theology in order to accurately counsel a family.
Marital and Family Therapy
When considering those who are most likely to seek marital and family counseling the possibilities are diverse. Reasons for seeking counseling may differ between families, but the end goal is the same. There are those that come primarily to see if the marriage should move forward, there are families who seek counseling for their disabled children, who have severe attachment disorders, parents that constantly fight, and so forth. No matter the client or the reason, they are there primarily to fix their family, even if it means fixing themselves. Because of this, it is crucial to not only use marital and family therapy techniques alone, which focuses on the family as a whole, but to also use methods designed for individual counseling so that each family member can be better within the family system.
Marital and family therapy, MFT, is not specifically just one therapy, but a compilation of over twenty different systematic approaches to family counseling. With multiple key figures and developments, it has progressed into a widely accepted branch of counseling to assist in individual and family change. Marital and family therapy includes counseling not only for families as a whole, but couples as well. Couple’s therapy has been known as a successful way to increase relationship fulfillment and communication (Owen, Duncan, Anker, & Sparks, 2012). The perspective of human nature in this theory varies but is considered to have a primarily systematic approach according to Tan (2011). MFT has eight major approaches that include different types of therapies. These therapies include, object relations family therapy, experiential family...

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