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Counseling And The Georgia Addiction Counselors Association Is

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The state certification credentialing board in Georgia for addiction counselors is The Georgia Addictions Counselors Associations (GACA) located in Smyrna, Georgia. This board was established in 1980. The GACA issues two credentials for addiction counselors and one credential for clinical supervisors. The mission of the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association is to increase awareness of drug dependence and abuse as a major social problem in society the expand of treatment centers made it a necessity to create a system that assures citizens of Georgia that addiction counselors has met an acceptable standard of professional competency. The scope of the practice describes the professional alcohol and drug counselor’s rights and responsibilities. Alcohol and drug counselors is the process of general theories of counseling and methods of treatment use to adapt to theory and research on alcohol and drugs to treat the alcohol and drug abuse problem in society. Practices of alcohol and drug counseling knowledge consists of being aware of clinical evaluation of drug and alcohol issues, treatment planning, counseling education and prevention, documentation and professional and ethical standards.
The GACA board of directors includes GACA members who volunteer their time to carry out the mission of GACA. The board executive officers stay in office for two years.The Board of Directors consist of nine elected members from the membership these four officers are the President, the President-elect J. Scott Maddox, the Secretary and Treasurer David Burris Sr., the Immediate Past President E Wayne Bland; and, the Chair of the Certification Committee. The current president for 2012-2014 is Diane Sherman from Mariette Georgia she has a Ph.D. and is also certified as a NCACII, a CACII and a CCS. The chair of the certification board is Janet Retterbush -Guerke from Tifton, Georgia. The Certification Committee is responsible for policy-making for all certification activities conducted by the Association. The Certification Committee meet quarterly or as scheduled by the Chair to conduct committee business. Committee business may consist of matters that should be approved by the Board of Directors. These matters can be recommendations for changes to policy, procedures and /or standards. Other independent matters of Certification committee is granting of certifications according to standards approved by the Board of Directors. There are also regional board members and every region Georgia consists of 8 regions. Regions 4 and 5 has been vacant since August 2012.
The certification board consists of two certifications which are Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I and II. The CADCI requires a minimum of 3 years or 6,000 practicum hours. The CADCII require a minimum of 2 years or 4,000 hours of experience in direct treatment of alcohol and drug abuse with individuals or group counseling. The Certification Procedure is a voluntary process which may be initiated by any...

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