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Counseling Case Study: The Marital Crisis Of Virginia And Tom

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In the case of Virginia and Tom the main issue underlying marital crisis that was caused by dishonoring of vows. The case outline that Virginia has discovered that her husband Tom has been having not one, but several affairs throughout the course of their marriage. According to Tom he believes that his numerous affairs did not get in the way with his wife because these acts were not meaningful. Tom thinks that his wife should not dwell in the past because he loves her and he does not want his marriage to come to an end. Tom also, explains that he was not in a committed relationship with the women he come in contact with it was only for sex. Virginia is willing to forgive her husband, but she finds it to be difficult to continue living with him because she is aware of his extra marital affairs in the past. Virginia major concern is that her husband provides no reassurance and tries to use his action as a defensive mechanism.

Counselor A is neutral with both Tom and Virginia. A professional response was provided rather than a personal one to both parties. The counselor view was from a positive perspective. The counselor was professional in giving feedbacks pertain to his or her potential clients. The therapist present a realistic approach based on the couple situation and facts. The therapist realistic approach will help the couple view their situation from a different perspective so that they can improve their relationship. Looking at things from the therapist point of view this method is intended to teach specific tools and skills to Virginia and Tom so that they can deepen their friendship and intimacy in their relationship. A more realistic approach will help them productively manage their own conflicts. If they choose this counselor I know that they will be able to resolve this problem.
Counselor B is imposing her values on her clients. She uses statements that pertain to her own life experience. It is professional okay for this counselor to state her condition before providing any form of therapy. Counselor C is taking siding with Tom instead of remaining neutral, and keeps her values to herself. This way she would not be influencing the couple’s decision.
Infidelity shatters many marriages, leaving the other spouse with feelings of betrayal, guilt, and anger. When marriages suffered a breach of loyalty a Marriage and Family Therapy can assist the couple to overcome those feelings, but it can be extremely difficult. Some systematical step towards resolution Virginia and Tom problem is for both parties to identify the ethical dilemma. In order for the therapist to demonstrate a systematic approach to ethical decision-making the counselor has to explain to Tom and Virginia that “Ethics is concerned with doing good and avoiding harm”(Bandman & Bandman, 2002). This is what the counselor needs to get Tom and Virginia to understand that their actions can cause harm to each other.

One step as a counselor that I would use is gather...

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