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Counseling Plan For A Dysfunctional Family

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The Baylors

“ I just don’t understand why my family just can’t be normal.” This is the quote that Mallorie Baylor continuously plays in her head. Mallorie Baylor is a 16-year old African American female. She currently lives with both her parents in Perach Ridge subdivision, an upper middle class neighborhood, and is a sophomore attending Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. Joseph Baylor, 58, her father, is a prominent 15-year car salesman. He has 10-12 hour workdays and is a functioning alcoholic. Alice Baylor, 49, her mother, is head RN of the C shift and has worked at the Bradford C. Humphries Medical Center for 12 years. The work schedules of the Baylors are very hectic and often leave Mallorie in the position of being home alone. The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Baylor is unhealthy. When the Baylors are at home, they often end up arguing over various matters, such as Mr. Baylor’s drinking or Mrs. Taylor’s working double shifts, and most times result in physical altercations. Mallorie is an average student and has two close friends, Caitlyn, 17, and her boyfriend Thomas, 19. Mallorie met Caitlyn in middle school. They have much in common, and she lives down the street. Mallorie began dating Thomas nine months ago and admits she has fallen in love. Mrs. Baylor is very concerned about Mallorie. She indicated that she noticed change in Mallorie’s behaviors about six months ago. She stated that her grades have dropped from A’s to C’s. She found two opened condom wrappers in Mallorie’s bedroom when she went to put up her clothes. Most recently, when Mrs. Baylor dumped her trash, she noticed an empty pregnancy test box in the garbage can. Mrs. Baylor reports that Mallorie’s attitude about respecting herself and others is almost nonexistent. If she can’t have her way, she causes havoc in the household. She quit her part-time after school job so that she could spend all of her free time with Thomas. Just yesterday, she was released from the juvenile detention center for shoplifting. This was Mallorie’s first time getting caught, although Mallorie doesn’t seem to take responsibility seriously. She feels that the world owes her everything and that she doesn’t have to work for anything.
C. Dynamics of family with explanatory theories noted
This is a 2-parent 1-child home with several concerns. The parents are successful in their employment and strive in securing the basic level of needs for the household. Mallorie is a typical teenager-acting out to receive attention from her parents and feel that they should spend more time as a family. There are two theories that could be used to help strengthen and restructure this family- the social learning family intervention and individual cognitive behavioral therapy. As noted in Kilpatrick & Holland (2009) “the social learning family treatment approach has been successfully engaged with a variety of families and with many levels of family needs. This model enables the...

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