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Counseling Theory Essay

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Running Head: COUNSELING THEORYCounseling Theory and the Christian Worldview[Name of the writer][Name of the institution]AbstractModern Christianity has been given access to a vast array of knowledge and technological advancement, better materialistic blessings and can help their clients in a more profound way than their predecessors ever could. However, there are self-indulgent rules in counseling that interfere with Christian concepts of focus and concepts of how to live one's life in the imitation of Christ's. There is a lack of consensus in the many number of books available to counselors in Christian bookstores, which lead to confusion and disappointment for practicing health workers. However, if one can simply inspect closely the teachings of God and scripture, there are theological devices that allow for theory and practice that is biblically obedient, exclusively for the correction of human behavioral disorders and maladjustment. It is also essential for Christian counselors to remain in touch with their religious community so that there is a sense of accountability and the distinctive approach that they take towards their patients may be thoroughly blessed and in accordance with Biblical teachings. In this paper, I attempt to create a counseling theory that may be compatible with the Christian Worldview, so that I may be able to have a theoretical framework through which Christian conceptualization of clients problems may be attained through modern, secular practices. I also provide models of personality, psychotherapy, health and abnormalities so that I may outline the finer points of my theory in realization of it.TABLE OF CONTENTS4Introduction 6Discussion 6Model of Personality 6Model of Health 7Model of Abnormality 9Model of Psychotherapy 10Conclusion 11References Counseling theory and the Christian WordviewIntroductionIn psychology, human behaviour, way of thinking and emotional interactions is made the focus of study, and the interrelation between these elements is often what a lot of studies are based on. There has been no doubt in anyone's minds that psychotherapy works, and is a successively apt substitution for physical therapies and treatments, the magnitude of its positive effects are way higher than a deleterious lifestyle. In Christians, a person's philosophy tends to become their theory of psychology, hence the term "theology" or "anthropology" are used to denote theories in psychology. Furthermore, counselling is used as substitution for denotation of the application of theoretical assumptions in Christianity, as it is a biblical concept in itself.Philosophical assumptions in counselling are also at least partially in agreement with a Christian Worldview, as not all orthodox psychoanalysis beliefs must be accepted to value particular contributions of counselling and psychology and their role in our awareness and understanding of patient's psychological afflictions. In psychotherapy, the...


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