Counselling Personal Learning Record Foundation Degree Essay

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Humanistic Approach - PLR Alice Mage
The two main psychologists specialising in the humanistic approach are Carl Rogers and
Abraham Maslow. The most commonly used humanistic approaches in counselling and
psychotherapy are Person-Centred, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis.
John McLeod says, ‘The common ingredient in all humanistic approaches is an emphasis on
experiential processes’. (2003, p.157)
The humanistic approach to psychology is concerned with the healthy growth of everyone
and self-actualization; where a person reaches their full potential.
The humanistic approach focuses on individual experiences coupled with free will. I believe
people have choices in life; choosing to behave in a particular manner. This approach appeals
to me. Corey states: ‘The phenomenology that is basic to existentialist approach is also
fundamental to person-centred theory. Both approaches focus on the client’s perceptions
and call for the therapist to enter the client’s subjective world’ (2001, p.172)
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow created the Hierarchy of Needs.
We exhibit behaviour which demonstrates the need to acquire certain aspects in our lives.
What characterises Maslow’s focus is the development of motives or needs.
This theory says as humans we are motivated to achieve certain things in a set order, with the
assumption we all desire to reach our full potential. Maslow seen this as the ultimate goal in
Humanistic Approach - PLR Alice Mage
We cannot skip levels as we must achieve one at a time before we are motivated to move to
the next level. The primary goal is to achieve Self-actualization.
Pete Sanders notes:
“Maslow’s motivation theory explains why a person cannot find true fulfilment if their needs
for food, shelter and safety are unmet, which include not only physical deprivation and abuse,
but also psychological threat, such as emotional abuse”. (2013, P.34)
Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy is a good therapy to think of in terms of ‘integration’ as it very much integrates the...

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