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Counselors As Companions And Ethics In Human Services

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Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services
1. What are some of the things you believe that the counselor has learned from Steve? What are some of the counselor’s behaviors that may change as a result of working with Steve? Do you think that most people you come into contact with change you in some way? Explain.
Things that the counselor learned from Steve included the knowledge of not being able to travel the path for Steve, but that he could be his companion on his journey and show empathy and understanding by attempting to place himself in his shoes and sharing his pain. The counselor also learned that the path one travels may be difficult but goals are achievable by refocusing the client and motivating him to achieve his goals, no matter how long it may take. Some of the behaviors of the counselor that changed due to working with Steve were the ability to provide companionship during their journey versus taking on the role of a guide. He also learned that one needs to heal independently and find their own existence and therefore find their place in the world. I believe that people you come in contact with may have a positive or negative effect. For example, Reverend Jim Jones had a huge impact on many people’s behaviors. He prayed on those with weaker minds and was responsible for the mass suicide of 912 people. He convinced those individuals that he was God.
2. How has Steve changed as a result of this relationship? Has Steve benefited from this relationship? Why or why not?
Steve has changed as a result of the relationship due to the encouragement and companionship provided to him by the counselor. He developed a sense of inner power to accomplish his goals. Steve benefited greatly from the relationship due to his success and he changed his outlook and obtained his goal by graduating. He also was in the process of opening his own business and created software that was a huge success in helping others that struggled as he did. Not only did Steve find his own personal success through his struggles in life, but he was able to help others in the process.
Part B
Ethical dilemmas are a struggle for all human service professionals such as discrimination, displaying empathy and recognizing a client’s unmet needs. Discrimination is the knowledge or carelessness of destroying another’s self-esteem by focusing on...

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