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I have been reading and thinking on the newness of life. I have been looking at unity and what it means, Complete unity is everything working together as one. When we excepted Jesus as our sweet Savior and believed in all that He has done for us we became one with Him. Furthermore as I was thinking on this oneness, I was thinking how your heart pumps the blood and how all the blood goes through the heart. But, the veins are the vessels to get the blood there. The heart is the power behind the veins, just as Christ is the power behind His servants. If we didn't have the heart (Christ) then we wouldn't have what it takes to live. The heart is also how you tell when someone is alive. The more and more I look at the heart I realize how much it points to Jesus, He is that life within us, the power and might to take us on the journey, sometimes there is junk in the way and trials, and suffering, but everything that ...view middle of the document...

To not follow Christ is a life of defeat, of a constant trying to accomplish it all on my own. It means days of weariness with nothing to run off of, it means no real peace within my life, but a going through everyday saying okay I just have to make it through one more day, and not to mention the end of life on earth, there is an eternal fire that awaits those who do not choose Christ. And not only that but so many other things which I know I have not come to realize yet. But to follow Christ means my constant strength, a renewing each day in Him, an unexplainable joy. Yes, it's not all roses and lovely fragrances, but with Christ and a constant abiding in Him in everything I go through for His names sake, every trial, every suffering for His name is worth it, and I have His strength to rely on and not my own. I have His grace being poured out on me. There may be days that seem lonely and I don't quite understand, but I do know that He never leaves or forsakes His children. There is sweet rest in Jesus. In so I am become a living sacrifice my Lord, meaning I have to be laid on an alter, willing to lay it all down, and be or do whatever is called of me. Similar to how a soldier is in the army. Over Christmas I was talking with my family and my brother in law brought up the point of how the soldiers will do anything that they are told whether it mean they will die or not, whether they are going to be slaughtered, they will do as they are commanded without thought of themselves because they are dieing for those they love. Are we like that as soldiers of Christ, are we willing to be those living sacrifices as these soldiers are. We love Christ because He first loved us, and do we love Him so much that we are willing to be martyred, burned at the stake without a thought of our lives but the only thing on our mind is the glory of our great King that we love? Therefore, we present our lives as that living sacrifice to accomplish His will, thus, being yielded to God doing all for righteousness sake. Those who are in Christ are to be denoted by visible signs, just as there are visible signs of who your parents are because there are to many similarities to not be mistaken as their child.

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