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Countee Cullen, The Most Representative Voice Of The Harmlen Renaissance

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Countee Cullen was a very humbled and ambitious man. He was perhaps the most representative voice of the Harlem Renaissance.
Countee Cullen was born on may 30, 1903 probably with the name Countee Leroy Lucas in Louisville, Kentucky. He was born to a women named Elizabeth Lucas but supposedly abandoned. Cullen was sent to live with his paternal grandmother in New York City. Then Cullen was adopted by Fredrick Asbury Cullen.Cullen attended Clinton high school in New York City, a school for his famous excellence. Cullen wanted to be successful because of the way he was bounced around and knew he had a skill as writer.
In 1922, he entered New York university. In 1925, he was elected ...view middle of the document...

In “uncle jim” Cullen presents the contrast between the experienced African American, who has learned the ways of white people, and the inexperienced African American, who insits that white people are not all alike and that some are worthy of friendship. Cullen created a fantasy Africa not the real place, but one of the imagination that was beautiful and mystical, filled with strong happy blacks(beetz4-5).
Cullen had a great writing career had many awards for his poetry. He won a city wide poetry competition while in high school. He came the first recipient of the Harmon foundation award. In 1925, win first prize in the Witter Bynner poetry contest and receives the john reed memorial prize. Wins second prize in the the opportunity literary contest. After he attended New York he was second prized in the Witter Bynner under graduate poetry contest(lawlor2-4).
Cullen had a great writing career but was criticized a lot. Cullen was criticized for writing verse that in its use of traditional poetry forms was too similar verse written by white people. Critics say his best work focused on importance on black americans and relationships between races. Some critics say as a writer he never matured. Some critics say he never was great because he optimized aims and ideas of the Harlem Rendissance. Some people say he wasn’t...

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