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For many years I have played computer games. I spent many hours of my late childhood and teenage life with one of my closest friends, my computer. I consider myself an expert gamer, especially when it comes to the accredited game of the year, Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike is a very popular online game that has lived up to every bit of its reputation. With my knowledge of first person shooter games and the many years experience I have playing Counter-Strike, I have cataloged a library of tactics and strategies that work for this game in my head. Using these tactics can guarantee a win for you and your team.Gameplay:Counter-Strike is an online first person shooter in which there is a counter terrorist team and a terrorist team. The game is played on different maps, each having an objective. There are 4 main types: escape, assassination, bomb defusal, and hostage rescue. Escape maps are probably the hardest and most challenging out of the different types. On these maps, half of the terrorist team must make it to the designated escape zone armed only with a pistol and a few rounds of ammo. This is very hard especially with a team of fully equipped counter terrorist trying to eradicate you. These maps take an extreme amount of teamwork and group tactics. Assassination maps are similar yet there is a small role reversal. One of the counter terrorist is chosen at random at the beginning of each round to be the VIP. The VIP must make it to the extraction point without dying. He is also armed only with a pistol and two ammo clips. The counter terrorist team must work together to safely escort the VIP out of a heavily fortified position. These two scenarios are not nearly as common as bomb defusal and hostage rescue though. Bomb defusal is probably the most common due to its equal opportunity gameplay. The objective of a bomb map is for the terrorist to successfully carry and plant a c4 explosive at a designated bomb site. However, once the bomb is planted it is not over. The terrorist must then defend the bomb against advancing counter terrorist because they have the power to defuse it if it is reached in time. The main objective for the counter terrorist is to prevent the bombing. It is wise for the counter terrorist to reach the bomb sites before the terrorist and fortify their position to prevent the bomb from ever being planted. In some cases the terrorist can get past their defenses and plant the bomb in which the counter terrorist have little time to get back and defuse it. The last type of map and second most common among Counter-Strike servers is hostage rescue. On these maps counter terrorist must infiltrate a location, usually a building, and rescue the hostages which are being held by the terrorist. The counter terrorist squad must use strategy and tactics to enter and secure the area. This is another type that requires complete teamwork in order to complete the objective.Counter TerroristThe counter terrorist could be considered the...

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