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Haskell 1Monika HaskellAP LiteratureMr. Stern28 January 2014Countercultural View of CultureThis speech sounded more like and anti-technology protest, than a graduation speech. This pompous speech seems almost overdone, but at the same time Wieseltiers' point is irrefutable. The speaker poses a vital opening question asking "When the ...view middle of the document...

For the second part, simply look around at an entire generation immersed 24/7 in iPhones and Androids, bouncing from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and back again. In other words, we have stopped acknowledging the outer bounds of our knowledge. And, in doing so, have lost our humanity and ability to distinguish between seeker and knower. Wieseltier criticizes today's analytic philosopher who "prefers to tinker and tweak" rather than contemplate the soul. When the task becomes tinkering, we become cogs in some dystopian machine world: "The machines to which we have become enslaved, all of them quite astonishing, represent the greatest assault on human attention ever devised: they are engines of mental and spiritual dispersal, which make us wider only by making us less deep."

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