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It was not until recently that the father of Victimology, Benjamin Mendelsohn, began studying the victim rather than the perpetrator. Prior to the 1940s the victim were not studied. Surprisingly, victims were often blamed in crimes such as theft, rape, and other violent crimes. Victim precipitation was used to evaluate if the victim played a role in their victimization. For example, did the victim of counterfeiting knowingly purchase their medicine from an unlicensed provider? The discovery of the victim also led to a cornucopia of different umbrellas that the victim could fall under. Currently anyone could be victimized through cyber crimes, identity theft, and counterfeits of everyday items. Although cyber crimes, and identity theft are very serious offences, often crimes such as counterfeiting medications are often not taken as serious and often forgotten. The reason for this is because people think, “it will not happen to me.” Yes, for many Americans this is very true, but over the years the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported that counterfeit drugs has increased and will continue to increase. In 1997 there were approximately six open cases involving counterfeit drugs, and in 2002 there were approximately twenty-two open cases reported involving counterfeit drugs (FDA, 2009). This upsurge is mainly due to the increase in Internet use and a high demand for certain drugs which has caused America to see a notable increase in counterfeit drugs on the market. Barbara Moran of PBS noted that over 80% of counterfeit drugs on the market have come from overseas (Moran, 2013). Therefore, the only way to truly combat the selling fraudulent drugs is to stop it at its source. Before doing so, what actually are counterfeit drugs?
Counterfeit drugs are not generic versions of the original drug. It is actually a whole different version that could consist of the wrong active ingredients, contaminants, or ingredients that are potentially fatal. An example of a highly counterfeited drug would be Pfizer’s prescription know as Viagra. An example of a generic version of Viagra is Sildenafil, which may have similar active ingredients but does not in any way portray its self as Viagra. A counterfeit version of Viagra would say “Viagra,” and look identical, possibly better than the real Viagra although it is a fake. Counterfeit medications rank number one in the most deadly counterfeit on the market. They fool the consumer by having identical packaging, and contents, and although the two look very similar, counterfeit medications usually have a negative impact on the victim. The World Health Organization states “Trade in fake medicines is more prevalent in countries with weak drug regulation and enforcement, scarcity or erratic supply of basic medicines, unregulated markets and unaffordable prices. But as counterfeiting becomes more sophisticated, these products are increasingly present even in better controlled markets.”
Why do people counterfeit,...

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