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Counterfeit goods have become more popular and widespread all over the world, in particularly, in the Eastern for years. “The United States says that China is the No.1 offender in sales of counterfeit goods, but that the goods are also traded in South Korea, Pakistan and Indian. The issue has become a major trade dispute” (The New York Times, 2007). It includes almost all sectors such as clothing, jewelry, electric equipment, medications and foods. Counterfeits can be sold in street vendors or in many stores. “They tried to do as much as they could to replicate the real thing,” Mr. Mackinnon said. “They were very professional, there was attention to detail” (The New York Times, 2013). Although counterfeit goods are cheaper than genuine products, people should be aware of the threats of counterfeit goods. For example, the safe of people’s health, the loss of money and the reputation of nation are several problems that need to be tackled.
First of all, using fake products threaten to customers’ health. According to the research, fakes contain harmful substances that may lead to a lot of health problems. David MCKelvey said that “There are dangerously high levels of mercury found in fake cosmetics whiles the brushes being sold to apply make-up often have lice in there,” (BBC, 2011). Furthermore, in all fake sectors, counterfeit drugs are by far the most dangerous. “Roger Bate estimates that more than 100,000 people are killed worldwide by dangerous drugs every year,” (Forbes, 2012). No one knows the harm done to those who drank it — or whether they connected any illness with their bargain vodka — but cases of poisoning have been reported throughout Europe, including in the Czech Republic, where more than 20 people died last year after drinking counterfeit liquor. (Stephen Castle, 2013).
In the other hand, many other products have been repackaged or misrepresented the contents, origin or expiration that may cause severe allergic reactions when customers use it. It is obvious that people have to keep an eye from fake products.
Secondly, people may lose money. Counterfeit goods, nowadays, are becoming more complicated and sophisticated with the help of advanced technology and retails. In addition, the economic recessions all over the world have effected to people’s spending. “At a time when austerity measures are making people more prudent with their spending habits, shoppers are being warned to watch out for cheap items which might be fake,” (James Milik, 2011). As a result, costumers tend to buy products which have the same name of recognized brands and lower prices, rather than paying for luxurious items. For example, “A fake Hermès bag costs about...

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