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Counterfeiting Essay

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So, why are counterfeit products such a big deal? I understand that many people might be thinking; “how different can products be if they look the same? People buy knock off Gucci bags and Goose jackets all the time. “So what if it isn’t the real deal, people save a lot of money, and the look and function just fine.” Sure, an unraveling stitch on a bag or jacket that you knew beforehand was counterfeit is one thing, but is that all of the dangers of a product such as that? What about the products or components that you DON’T know are counterfeit.
Counterfeiting is a 700 billion dollar industry and is being recognized globally as a dangerous economic problem. There is a good chance that the ...view middle of the document...

It is used for a wide range of missions, including troop transport, search and rescue, air-to-air refueling, and aircrew training. These counterfeit Chinese parts in the cockpits could leave pilots with blank instrument panels in mid-flight, leaving pilots blind with no information on altitude, speed, fuel supply and warning messages.
Dangerous counterfeit parts aren’t only in the military, they appear in your everyday life. Counterfeit brake pads have been found in circulation around the world. Brake pads are an essential part to having a working and safe car, as brake pads apply friction to both sides of a break disk or rotor, enabling your vehicle to stop. With these counterfeit parts, it would take exceptional leg strength to apply the necessary pressure to stop an average family car. These brake pads are often made with compressed wood chips and sawdust, held together by glue. Counterfeit parts can be introduced to your car at any stage. The car manufacturer may have cut some costs, or unknowingly bought counterfeit parts and introduced them to the vehicle. Any time you have had maintenance done on your car, parts could have been introduced.
Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a dangerous, global problem. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are medicines, both brand name and generic, which are deliberately mislabeled. Counterfeits may be produced with the correct medicinal ingredients, or those medicinal ingredients may be in insufficient quantities or absent altogether. The medications may contain toxic or poisonous chemicals. The medication’s appearance and its packaging may be visibly different (or inferior) from the genuine product, or, the pharmaceutical packaging and the medication may be exactly replicated.
No country is immune from counterfeit drugs. The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that approximately 10 percent of all medications globally are counterfeit. Counterfeit medication is prevalent in developing countries with weak drug regulation, control and enforcement, where basic medications are scare or unaffordable. In some countries, approximately 50 percent of all medications are counterfeit. The most counterfeited medications are the most counterfeited medicines are those used to counter both infectious and diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, as well as basic infections. These medications often find their way into Pharmacies and are almost impossible to distinguish from the real medications.
Although counterfeit medications are more prevalent in developing countries, counterfeit medications also appear in industrialized countries. In these countries, more expensive medicines such as hormones, cancer medication, lifestyle drugs, and psychotropic medications are being counterfeited. With the introduction of the internet, it is becoming easier for counterfeiters to sell their medications on the web, through standard official-looking store websites from anywhere around the world. Medications found on the web often will...

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