Counterproductive Workplace Competition Implementation And Evaluation Plan

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AbstractCounterproductive Workplace Competition exists when employees begin to compete with one another in an adverse way, negatively impacting productivity and morale. A successful solution to problems encountered in workplace competition will resolve the many causes and effects of the problem. We have evaluated the three original alternative solutions to the problem, identified the most favorable outcome, and have outlined an implementation plan to successfully resolve conflict and improve communication.Counterproductive Workplace CompetitionImplementation and Evaluation PlanIn MGT/350 the counterproductive workplace competition takes place when workplace assessments and employee ...view middle of the document...

Each alternative will be entered in a table. The first is labeled 'Plus', all the positive results of taking the action. The second is 'Minus', all the negative effects listed. The last is 'Implications' will be all possible outcomes of taking the action, whether it is positive or negative (Mind to ImplementManagement should be connected in the communication, requirements, collaboration, conflicts, and management of staff during implementation of the plan. We will encourage and pressure staff to channel initial resistance into dialogue, along with designing a matrix to answer research questions, collects data, and communicate information to the Human Resources staff in the anticipated timeline of 30- 60 days (Lewin, 1960).Success of the SolutionAn analysis of the factors that contributed to the decision will help us confirm that the decision made was the best one possible. We will evaluate our decision by identifying hidden assumptions, demonstrating how values and norms impacted...

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