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Counting Sheep? No, Counting Brillenschaf, Gotland, And Dorper Sheep

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No one is able to definitively prove how and why we dream, nor its primary function; nonetheless, it is a living and fundamental component of human life. This process provokes many feelings and emotions both in and out of sleep, depending on the dream type being experienced. People encounter six primary dream categories: lucid and trippy, nightmare, sexual, recurring, progressive, and common. While not all are expressed in balanced proportion, they take place at some time or another throughout one’s life.
As a personal opinion, which should rather be fact, trippy dreams are fun dreams. These are where everything is spinning, and one can’t see anything straight. The walls in a room are blending in color ranging from bright purple to neon green. Further, this category encompasses where the dreamer is falling, perhaps into an eternal chasm or expeditiously launched through the troposphere on a wooden catapult. The dreamer may also believe he or she is awake, but in reality is still snoring away.
The true horrendousness of the imagination comes to fruition with nightmares. Certainly the worst of the list, nightmares develop reactions of intense terror, fear, and severe anxiety. Ferocious animals are on the chase, getting closer and closer to ripping its prey, the dreamer, to shreds or injecting venom into the body. Perhaps one is rapidly and detrimentally deteriorating, losing teeth and other body parts, such as limbs, eyeballs, and the insides of the ear. An omened, wicked apparition could prepare to reap and mercilessly butcher its paralyzed victim.
When awaking from a sexual dream, one usually wishes he or she could instantly go back to sleep and pick up from the last remembered thought. The most painful of dreams to part with, sexual dreams only occur every so often, much less than the average individual would prefer. They encompass thoughts of that petite yet curvy brunette perfection or that rugged gentleman with designer stubble and piercing, smokey grey eyes, both which can never be obtained; and for those in a relationship, perhaps a cherished loved one. These thoughts result in blood pounding in the ears as the heartbeat accelerates and adrenaline spikes through the system. Kiss trail along the jaw up...

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