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Countless Kinds In Need Of A Family

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One does not always have to be biologically related to someone to be loved and taken care of. In adoption, this is normally the case. A child who is put up for adoption can be adopted by a family and be shown the same amount of love and care as if they were that family’s own. There are places everywhere that allow adoption, which means there are children who are being shown affection they would not have seen otherwise. While many have differentiated views, adoption is globally a great thing for the countless kids in need of a loving home.
Adoption is the transferal of parental rights from one person to another. “When a mother or father cannot provide a family for their child, they may give up their rights as parents to other people through adoption,” is a good example for why some people give up their child for adoption (Glotzbach 10). In birth, the parents are there the day the child is born and watch them grow up, but in adoption, the adoptive parents cannot normally be in the room with the parents as the child is being born. This is because sometimes the adoptive parents do not choose to adopt a child that has not been born yet, and instead adopt one that has. Whether or not the child is born or unborn, “All parties concerned recognize that there is a difference between becoming a member of a family through adoption and becoming one through birth,” (Pilgrim). Sooner or later, the child finds out that they are adopted. A common misunderstanding is adoption and foster parenting being the same thing. “Adoption is different from foster parenting,” is a true statement because foster parenting involves a family housing a child until that child can find a permanent home (Pilgrim). Adoption on the other hand, is where a family goes through a long process to have legal rights to take care of a child.
Adoptees’ lives are not that much different from the lives of a child that lives with their biological parents (Glotzbach 10). Sheila Macmanus proves this by saying, “Adoptees are entitled to the same privileges as children born to a parent or parents, including the right to inherit property,” (Macmanus 66). Whether the child is biological or adopted, he or she can still inherit property left behind. This example is a legal way to show how the two types of children are the same, but there are also other ways that adopted and biological children relate closely to one another. Both children have parents. The only small difference is that, “Adoptees grow up with two heritages. Often, they know very little about their biological parents, but they usually know they have two sets of parents,” (Glotzbach 10). This may be the only subtle variance between the parents of a child that has been adopted and one that has not. With the child knowing they are adopted, they sometime search for years and are not able to find their birth parents (Glotzbach 58). Some adopted children do not want to find their parents due to the fact that their parents were unable or...

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