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Cultures Of The New World Essay

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Native American PeoplesSituation prior to discovery of New WorldAfter a few years each family would move both the fields and their homes to a newly-cleared site nearby. Gradually, over a couple of decades, a whole town or village would be relocated. The abandoned fields could be used again later by anyone who wanted them, but there was an understanding that this land remained in the stewardship of the tribe, (Spaar, 1989)Situation during arrival of invaders to New WorldAs settles expanded their colonies, the relations between the Powhatans and the English weakened. Settlers began to attack Indian villages, in some cases burning homes and fields. Powhatans and other coastal tribes steadily lost control of their lands to the new settlers. As settlers continued to invade on Indian lands, thus shrinking their communities, Indians were forced off the land; disintegrating or merging with other tribes. Some Indians chose to adjust to the white society and others joined free black communities. By the end of the 18th century only two tribes, the Pamunkey and the Accomac, still had land and were officially recognized as Indians, (Spaar, 1989)Living conditions following settlement of New WorldNative American people lived a nomadic lifestyle, which mean that they lived in temporary homes called tepees. The colonial government allowed many tribes to keep a small percentage of land. However, these "reservations" were not large enough to maintain the traditional ways of life; hunting and gathering. Eventually Indians were forced to work for the English as servants, guides or even as slaves because the limited farming. Diseases spread rapidly due to disgusting living conditions. Thousands of Indians were killed. Indians were also unhappy with the settlers' ways. They felt as though they had no respect for the land, plants and animals. Settlers destroyed tons of land and plants to set up "permanent" housing rather than relocating when needed. With the new world brought horses. Indians were used to fighting on foot with bow and arrow. They quickly learned techniques for raids on horseback, (Spaar, 1989)Notable influence on New World cultureNative peoples have been crucially important to “The American Story” from the beginning. No American generation can be understood without reference to its “frontiers”. They introduced us to domesticated animals and farming products. The thing they Native Americans did was shape the English language by forcing the creation of middle words that allowed for communication between the races.European Peoples Situation prior to discoveryof New WorldIn historical times, the armies which accompanied conquerors often could not return home, and they settled down in distant lands. Then there were conquests and colonies too. Thus we had Romans in Palestine, Norsemen (Scandinavian Vikings) in Spain, in Iceland and in Greenland, Frenchmen in England, and the like. All these were instances of historical migrations. Then...

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