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Country Assessment On The Philippines Essay

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Named after King Phillip II of Spain, the Philippine Islands are composed of 7,100 individual islands found in the western portion of the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. The capital of the Philippines is Manila, which has the highest concentration of people in the Philippines with a current population of approximately 11,449 million people. The two official languages of the Philippines are Filipino, which is based on the Tagalog dialect and English. The prominent religion is Catholic, which is practiced by 82.9% of the population; mainly due Philippines roots as a former colony of Spain. The Muslim faith is the next noteworthy religion which represents 5% of the population. Currently, ...view middle of the document...

With the rising tensions between China and the Philippines, other arising issues are only going to make matters worse for the Filipino Government. The New People’s Army (NPA) is the biggest threat to the stability of the Philippines. The Communist Party of the Philippines, Marxist-Leninist (CCP/CPP-ML) uses the NPA as their military wing which conducts operations meant to overthrow the Filipino government. The NPA was formed in 1969, under the command and mentorship of Jose Maria Sinson. Sinson was inspired by Chinese Communist revolutionary, Mao Zedong; to lead a peasant army to surround urban areas in order to take control. A recent news reports indicated that a total of 1,004 AK-47’s were unlawfully sold from the Philippine National Police (PNP) to members of the NPA. The news report stated that a total of 5 Police generals, 14 senior officers and 10 civilians were arrested for illegal trade. Corruption of this magnitude is not commonly reported throughout the country however it is assessed that increasing amounts of corruption will continue until individuals are held accountable for their actions. Despite the acquired automatic weapons, it is assessed that the NPA lacks the capabilities to increase their operations and or overthrow the Government. Historically, the NPA consisted of multiple groups under one command, however these groups fragmented, and reformed as enemies of the NPA, one of these groups is The Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB).3 Unless these multiple communist based terrorist groups unite, they will continue to target one another and fail to establish a communist government. Aggression from the Chinese Government continues to motivate rural people to form local militias to patrol and gather information while combating NPA forces. Consequently, this continued behavior is deterring local men from maintaining their service with the NPA, and are expected to formally accept the government. Until then, these groups are likely to slow down progression and be a nuisance.
Countries formerly subscribed to a belief in Manifest Destiny, trying to acquire as much land as possible from those weaker than them. These ideals are difficult today without interference from the international community. Currently, the Spratly’s Archipelago, which is in the center between the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China, remains a disputed area due to its wealth of natural resources. The CIA World Fact Book states that, “The Spratly Islands consist of more than 100 small islands or reefs. They are surrounded by rich fishing grounds and potentially by gas and oil deposits. They are claimed in their entirety by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, while portions are claimed by Malaysia and the Philippines. ” Currently, the Filipino military officials have been working towards peace agreements with the Vietnamese military officials in an effort to improve working relationships in the area. As forceful as China is being, it seems that their aggressive...

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