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Country Life Vs City Life Essay

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Everybody has different lifestyles, country and city lifestyles are completely different. There are many differences with the environment, jobs available, and living cost. Everyone has a preference and everybody has their reason, but what is your reason? The choice of the better one is up to you, and I will help you decide for sure what life you would rather be living.
They biggest thing different about the country and city is the environment. When you are in the country the environment is purer and more peaceful while the city has a lot of business and factories (Phung, 2011). The county is also very quiet and does not have many vehicles, while the city is full of people and has many vehicles everywhere. Researchers have made studies that have revealed that motor vehicle crashes led to 28 deaths for every 100,000 people in rural areas, verses only 11 deaths per 100,000 in urban areas and that firearm related death rates were higher in rural areas for children and people over 45 years of age bit for 22 to 44 year olds the risk was higher in urban areas (Stoxen, 2013).
Jobs and schooling are much different, in the city it is convenient fir people to go to school and find a good paying job, while in the country the conditions usually are not to great for a good education and most are farmers (Phung, 2011). Most people living in the country are going to be a farmer or have a garden and sell their goods to people or take them to markets to sell, while in the city you have to go to school to get a good paying job or even a job at all and you are working in a large store putting the food out that the farmers have grown for the markets.
Entertainment is most defiantly different in the country then the city, in the country they have four wheelers, dirt bikes, go karts, creeks, mudding, and shooting guns, while in the city people like to go for walks, ride bikes, rollerblade, skateboard, and go out to eat. Living in the city you pay a price, housing and food are expensive, meaning the people who live in the city are usually under pressure working hard to pay for the cost of living that is more expensive then the country (Phung, 2013).
Living in the city you are close to where the action and hustle and bustle is, where all the entertainment is like, galleries, theaters,...

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