Country Music Through The Generations Essay

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Music today has changed from the generations before us. Of course, music is always changing and adapting to what the listeners like. Country music, for example, has gone from talking about the land to expressing family matters. When I am talking about the country music and our generation I want to clarify; I am not talking about the singers and their age. I am talking about the lyrics that they are singing about to this generation compared to the last. Country music, possessing a broader generation gap than other musical genres such as hip-hop, shows how our generation isn't necessarily the “Me Me Me” generation people believe we are.
Country music used to be all about tractors and drinking; it has now transitioned into talking about things in more depth. One recent song “Mama's Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert is about being depressed about losing a guy. In the song she says “go and fix your makeup/ girl it's just a break up/ run and hide your crazy/ and start acting like a lady/ cause I raised you better/ gotta keep it together/ even when you fall apart/ this ain't my mommas broken heart.”This song shows the change in the generations. The generations before us seized approval and did not want to diminish their social standing from their actions. The Y generation or millennials do not care about our social standing or what others think nearly as much as the generations before us. Not because we are more concerned about ourselves or selfish as the TIME article “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation” states. This is because we are able to express ourselves openly to our generation and have understanding. My point is that we are not selfish we are more open minded.
In “Gone Country,” Bruce Feiler talks about how Bill Clinton's speech was off on the perception of country music today. Bill believed country music was still about the land and as they stated “the dessert of the 'cowboy West'.” Today it is more about life getting older, and falling in love. “Gone Country” talks about how...

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