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Information Production: A Discussion and Critique
In today’s world, people are living in a more and more digitalized society. A lot of activities, services and other things are being processed digitally. And, of course, the economic world is also getting digitalized step by step smoothly. Products such as movies, music are being spread widely in the digital world. Therefore, what are the benefits of having a digitally networked information economy? What effects are there? Economically? Politically?

The emergence of the Networked information economy:
Benkler(2006) spotted that information were heavily used and being very important cultural and economic outputs as the numbers of the communications, such as television, newspapers, and radio, which have been used widely. However, the controls of communications were centralized as the high cost of production. After all, as the internet is being used more heavily, and the promotion of information technologies are being introduced widely. Therefore, the concept of the networked information economy was introduced.

What is networked information economy:
In today’s world, the most advanced economy made two big moves, and it has been made a difference to the market based economy.

First, it has been made to an economy which is based and centred on information, services and activities such as financial services, accounting, software, and science and cultural production such as music and movie, and also, the manipulation of symbols, for example, the swoosh from Nike. (Benkler, 2006)

Second, it is an environment for people to communicate which is built on cheap interconnected in a pervasive network. And it allows a rise of roles in nonmarket production, peer (social) production, of information knowledge, and culture. All of this is organized under a decentralized strategy. It promises to let the social production and exchange to play a much bigger role, and of course, with property and market-based production. (Benkler,2006)

As the industrial information economy is based on sharing knowledge whereas the networked information economy focuses on the exchanges of the physical capital (DFEEST, 2008), therefore, the networked information economy is displacing the traditional industrial economy. (Benkler, 2006, Filizefe,2009) The networked information economy is characterized as individually decentralized action and the new and important actions are being carried out through non-market production that does not rely on proprietary strategies and it has a larger role than it did. (Benkler,2006).

Physical constraints
“The removal of the physical constraints on effective information production has made human creativity and the economics of information itself the core structuring facts in the new networked information economy. “ (Benkler, 2006). The characteristics here are different than the traditional industrial economy, it gives three observations about the emerging information production.

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