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Human Trafficking Global Issue Essay

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Human trafficking is a global issue. It can happen anywhere to anyone. It is the second most profitable crime following the drug trade (Tiurukanova, 2006). With this being said, it is important that individuals start reacting to this epidemic as it is growing and could affect your politics, your neighbors, or even your children. Traffickers lure their victims through deception. The most popular forms are sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and organ trafficking (Tiurukanova, 2006). This epidemic is not limited to the United States. In 2012, Russia had a population of about 143.5 million people, and an estimated 490-540 thousand of those people were enslaved (“Russia”, 2013). Since human trafficking is so prevalent, it makes sense that there would be policies in place to fight human trafficking. The most likely victims are women and children. To help fight human trafficking and to make countries aware of effort they could be putting forth; the U.S State Department runs the Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) (U.S. Department of State, 2013).
TIP is a ranking system made up of multiple Tiers: Tier l-the highest ranking, the country is aware of the problem and is making efforts to address it, this country also meets the Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA) minimum standards; Tier 2- these countries partially comply with TVPA’s standards; Tier 2 Watch List- means there is a significant increases in human trafficking percentages; and Tier 3- the lowest ranking, these countries do not meet the standards of TVPA and are not making efforts to do so (U.S Department of State, 2013). Since the U.S. State Department has voluntarily taken the role of judging other countries, it faces criticism for calling out the ‘wrong doings’, and telling other countries how to correctly combat trafficking. Russia was downgraded to a Tier 3 country in 2013 (“Russia”, 2013). Russia has mentioned that they have purposely avoided correcting their issue, because they don’t want to be told what to do by America (Tiurukanova, 2006). This type of response shows how this ranking system could interfere with political enemies, and or allies, for the received ranking is seen as offensive from the receiving country. This number of enslaved in Russia is difficult to estimate due to its size, and the amount of migrant workers passing the borders (“Russia”, 2013). Another obstacle in estimating an accurate number is the issue regarding the victims that don’t speak out (“Russia”, 2013). This is a general problem with victims of human trafficking. There is shame over the victims, and embarrassment. There is fear that they are not safe, even if they have escaped the hands of their trafficker, and there is also the possibility that if the victim goes to authorities, they will return her to the trafficker for self-profit (“Russia”, 2013). These are the reasons that the victims may remain silenced about their trafficking experience. There are many forms of trafficking; however, in...

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