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Country Report For Poland.

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Introduction.Poland is one of the largest countries in Central Europe. It borders on Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. With 39 million people, Poland accounts for half of the population and nearly half of the economic output of the ten-countries comprising the EU enlargement zone.This report is intended to introduce and analyze the opportunity for foreign investment in Poland, from the perspectives of politics, economy, operation, tax, and law.It is found in the report that Poland holds a lot of advantages for foreign investment. A stable democratic government which is eagerly encouraging foreign investment, a recently rapid economic growth, a relatively big domestic market, an ever-developing operational environment, a fairly favorable tax rate, and a transparent and effective legal system altogether form the basis for the high inflow of foreign direct investments.For these reasons, Poland remains the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of FDI stock, as well as its annual growth. In other words, fifteen years of successful economic reforms has made Poland enjoy more and more attention of foreign investors.Political EnvironmentA. Brief Synopsis of the Political System, Schedule for Elections and Orientation of Major Political PartiesPoland is a parliamentary democracy. The Constitution adopted in 1997 and it enhances several key elements of democracy which include judicial review and the process of legislative, while continuing to guarantee the wide range of civil rights, such as the right to free speech, press, and assembly that Poles have enjoyed since 1989.Poland has a bicameral Parliament. It comprised of a Lower House (Sejm) and Upper House (Senate). Within the legislative branch of the government, the person who has preeminent power is Sejm.The Parliament is elected to a four-year term. However, if the government loses a vote of no-confidence, the elections may be called earlier.The most influential political parties (and the number of seats each holds in the 461-member Sejm, or lower house) are:-- Democratic Left Alliance (SLD, 198). "The left-of-center SLD is comprised mostly of successor parties to the communist-era Polish United Workers Party (PZPR) and is headed by Prime Minister Leszek Miller."(1) The liberal economic policies are generally supports by the party's leadership. However, the party's leadership also stresses the importance of cushioning the harsher effects of economic reform. EU accession is PM Miller's top priority. SLD ran in coalition with the much smaller Union of Labor (UP).-- Civic Platform (PO, 57): Center-right grouping established in January 2001 by three influential politicians: Maciej Plazynski, who is the former Marshal of the Sejm, Donald Tusk, who is the former Vice Marshal of the Senate (currently Vice Marshal of the Sejm), and also Andrzej Olechowski, who is the former Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs, and second-place-finishing presidential...

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