Country Towns, Kenneth Slessor Analysis Meriden School Essay

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Country Towns

In the first stanza, Slessor addresses country towns holistically through an affectionate apostrophe “Country towns, with your willows and squares”, where a potent sense of familiarity is evoked. Faint auditory imagery in “And farmers bouncing on barrel mares” emphasises the tranquility of country towns, quiet enough to hear the gentle trot of horses from afar. Slessor utilises the color yellow in “To public-houses of yellow wood/ With “1860” over their doors” to symbolise age, compounding the presence and passing of time seen in “1860”. In “And that mysterious race of Hogans/ Which always keeps General Stores…”, the narrator’s intrigue and curiosity towards the Hogans is invoked through the word choice of “mysterious”, elucidating how he finds his observations of interest, while the use of ellipsis summons a sleepy, laid back atmosphere imitating the drifting off of the poet’s gaze.

The second stanza is initiated by “At the School of Arts, a broadsheet lies/ Sprayed with the sarcasm of flies”, where the local reference emphasises country towns’ rural isolation, heightening their small size. A lighthearted atmosphere is established through a humorous metaphor “sarcasm of flies”, utilizing visual imagery to infer that the poster has been there for a long time. In “The Great Golightly Family/ Of Entertainers Here To-night”— Dated half a year ago”, Slessor’s slightly mocking yet lighthearted tone supports the irony between the supposedly cultured “School of Arts” and country towns’ rare visitors of entertainment and shares the amusement with responders through the use of a dash, emphasizing the irony. The thoughtful nature of country folk and their awareness towards sensitivity of others is portrayed in “But left there, less from carelessness/ Than from a...

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