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Couples Therapy For Shrek And Fiona

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Running head: SHREK ANALYSIS 1SHREK ANALYSIS 4Couple Therapy for Shrek and FionaMary Page SmithCal Southern UniversityIntroduction of Shrek and FionaShrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp and values his privacy. In fact, he will go to any length to be alone. At the beginning of the story, his swamp is invaded by other story book characters. In order to get these characters out his swamp he agrees to rescue a princess from a castle guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Much to Shrek's dismay, he is accompanied on his journey by a talking donkey that is extremely hyperactive, inattentive and annoying. For Shrek, who's main goal is to be alone, this is a challenging proposition.Fiona is the princess whom Shrek rescues and ultimately falls in love with. Princess Fiona, however, has been bewitched. She is a princess by day, and an ogre by night. She was hidden away in the tower by her father to prevent others from knowing about her condition. We later learn that her father, who in reality is a frog, made a deal with the mother of Prince Charming. Fiona was to be rescued by the prince, and then the kiss of true love would solidify her condition as a princess. Of course, there is a little twist of plot, and Shrek ends up being the rescuer.The relationship between Shrek and Fiona evolves, and Shrek realizes that perhaps he does not want to be alone, and Fiona comes to fully appreciate the fact that Shrek truly loves her despite her appearance. At the end of the movie, Fiona and Shrek return to the swamp with Donkey to live happily ever after.As with most happily ever after stories, we, the audience, don't get to see what happens next. In the world of sequels, however, we do actually get to see what happens next in the life of Shrek and Fiona. They are invited to come to Fiona's parents land of Far, Far Away, and we begin to get a closer look into their life as a couple.Both Shrek and Fiona struggle with their sense of self worth, and their ability to form trusting, secure relationships. They are hoping to reach a deeper level of attachment and are seeking psychotherapy to help strengthen their relationshipPsychoanalysis of Shrek and FionaFreud was the first psychoanalyst, and his ideas were revolutionary in the early 1900s. He was the first to work extensively with the unconscious mind, and examine the interaction between past events and how these events affect the present. Psychoanalysis is based on the fact that individuals are often unaware of how behavior patterns have developed and that these unconscious factors affect their current relationships as well as their thoughts feelings and emotions. Freud pursued a theory of treatment to help patients bring traumatic memories and their accompanying feelings into consciousness in ways that would allow them to form connections with conscious thoughts and achieve expression (n.d.)Shrek is self described as a big, ugly ogre and states that he desires to be alone. To cover his feelings of abandonment and...

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