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Courage And Determination: President Obama Essay

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Courage is a mystery and our beliefs will drive us toward a direction that most would think improbable or impossible. Putting much effort into the thought of the definition can leave people thinking for quite some time, or with the common quick response of being brave. Courage is subjective for the most part, but still remains to be in the eye of the beholder. Situations vary and outcomes all end differently depending on the chemistry of the situation. The courageous drive of a church going African American like Obama to defeat law school to benefit the living conditions of poor people. His courage began with a spark of determination long before manifesting into the 44th president. ...view middle of the document...

Obama was to persuade Chicago's city hall to do something about the sad environment of the Altgeld Gardens public housing project. He believed in doing this very much, and he felt that obtaining a law degree would help accomplish this task. Being determined he excelled as a student graduating magna cum laude. His confidence surely increased his determination to become president of the United States later on. As time went on his courage grew being determined gives strength and overcoming obstacles seem much more possible no matter the odds. Fighting to be the first African American president seemed improbable to the black community nation wide, but the courage of one rose above the fear and overcame it all.

Strength is also necessary to show or be courageous especially at unpredictable times. On flight 93 the 9/11 highjacked airplane, the passengers all obeyed the commands of the high jackers and let them gain control of the plane through fear. When the passengers began making calls to inform everyone of the highjacking is when they learned that, other planes had been taking over and attacks have been done already. Their situation was exactly the same, they were hostages on a airplane. Getting the new information about what the al-Qaeda attacking the U.S. changed their perception on things. That is when they gathered the strength to fight for the plane and attempt to gain control. Knowing they may die, they were determined to take the plane back, because as a American it is the right thing to do, a true American belief. As Americans strength and courage come hand in hand. At first all they knew was that they were being taken over by foreigners with no real reason as to why. Striking as the news came in, this was more than a hostage situation, more lives were at-stake and the country was in danger. At
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this point not only did the passengers want to save their own lives, but also save the lives of others. With the nation at risk only one option was left; to gain control and fight for the greater good. This demonstration of courage showed a tremendous amount of strength, sadly at the cost of their lives.

Believing is the main ingredient to...

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