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Courage And Sacrifice Essay

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sat at the window sill, looking out into the horizon. A faint, dim, ephemeral tear ran down my cheek, and I lowered my head. Even Gleam, my golden retriever, seemed unusually dull. I tried to succor her by forcing on a smile, but I just couldn’t handle it; I burst out into tears.
Gleam was the only true friend—other than my parents—I ever had. She understood me more than anyone. She let out a soft whimper, and for the first time today I wore a faint smile. After all, that day was a day of pure misery.
It’s okay, Gleam,” I said, with more courage than I really had. I looked at the clock—had it only been an hour? It felt like a whole year of suffering.
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The reporter said “These American soldiers : Mathew Swan, Micheal Harwix, and Ethan Lemor; have been captured by the Verosi army, and now their forces are in control of Florida. “My jaw dropped and I desperately fell to my knees, hearing my mother crying as well. Mathew Swan was my father.

“Mom! Mom, please, is there any way to save him?” I cried helplessly. My mother tried to calm herself and said, “The only way to save him would be to go to the swamp… no, we can’t do that, we can’t risk it!”
“Mom!” I shouted.
“Did you finish your homework?” trailed my mother’s soft voice from the kitchen, zapping me into the present. I just realized that I was in bed for an hour. Again, homework was just as miserable as anything.
Inside, a part of me wanted to go save my father, but a part of me told me to listen to my mom. The day passed by quickly as I sat there still and miserable.
That night, I couldn’t sleep. Tears welled up in my eyes, making it impossible to even read a book or something to take my mind off of my loss.
“Lisserrel, I am sorry. We already lost your father, and he can’t afford to lose you too”, she replied.
“But mom, we have to rescue him!” I refuted.
“It is too dangerous!” she countered.
“Well, how would anyone know why we are there ?” I questioned her.
“Sweety, the Verosi army had gathered their forces here.” My mother continued.
So on went fifteen minutes of immense argument. Finally Lisserel’s mother’s word was final, as it generally always was.
I was thinking about what kinds of cruelty the Mozits were showing on my dad. It seemed all the same as in history where we were reading about World War II. What if this will become World War III? What if it becomes serious? How will my dad survive? Will he maybe die with the other thousands? That made me worry even more. What would I ever do if my dad was in the same condition as those men? Could he really be suffering that much, I just couldn’t believe it! All these questions welled up in my brain and gave me a headache. I just couldn’t hold it, I burst into tears once and rubbed my face into the pillow to muffle the noise. Only gleam heard me, and she came running up the stairs and jumped on me.
I tried to make a weak smile, but I just couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t bear seeing my dad in a puddle of blood; I couldn’t bear thinking of it. I knew we had to do something.
Gleam gave a whimper, but then nudged my shoulder and led me to the window. “Gleam, what is it? Did you see something?” I went up to the window. Gleam didn’t just see a squirrel, as I thought she did; she was trying to tell me what to do.
“You are right, Gleam! We have to save Dad. Let us go.” Then I stopped.
“No! Sorry Gleam, I can’t just leave Mom” she gave a whisper. “I know how much you miss Papa, but what about Mama? When she sees we’re gone, she will be crazy worried. Alteast let me think it out”. Gleam barked, telling me we didn’t have that much . “Shh! ...

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