Courage Is A Virtue That Makes Other Virtues Meaningful: In Relations With "The Patriot" Movie

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A Virtue is the quality or practice of moral excellence or righteousness. To practice moral excellence is not always an easy thing to do. It sometimes requires courage. The Patriot was a movie filled with heroes and courageousness. Sure they lost battles and even men but despite all of those dilemmas they managed to have mental and moral strength to keep on facing danger without fear. Keeping one thing in mind, they all fought for one cause. That was to be free and independent form Great Britain.In the movie was this man named Benjamin Martin. He had seven children. Four of them were boys and one, Gabriel decided to join the Continentals. Like every typical kid in that time, their pastime would be playing war and pretending to be like soldiers, wanting to be heroes. All of them wanted to join The Continentals. One night, Gabriel, the eldest, came home wounded and hurt very badly. His father fixed everything. Very exhausted from the war, Gabriel fell right asleep. The next morning, he wakes up to see that his father took all of the wounded, tired, and hurt in his care. The British officials came and told his soldiers to burn the home since they were harboring enemies. They also took Gabriel away because he will be hanged. A young brother decided that no matter what it took, he was going to get his brother out of this situation. Whatever happens, he was not just going to watch Gabriel be taken away. Without even thinking of the consequences, he fearlessly ran to try and save Gabriel. Unfortunately, a bullet went through him and he died.Honesty is one of the many other virtues and it also relates with having courage. Sometimes telling the truth can be real hard because lying might be a better option. Near the ending part of the movie, people were being trapped inside the church. An Official wanted to get information on Martin, and when he didn't get enough, he burned them inside the church. Many of the militia's family were in that church. After Martin saw the possibilities of some never be able to see their loved ones ever again, he ordered them to go home and spend as much time together as possible. He also mentioned that is they...

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