Courage Within A Character Analysis About Peekay From The Book The Power Of One English Character Analysis

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Courage Within
In the middle of taking a shower, Ender Wiggins becomes under attack by his old commander, Bonzo. Finding the courage to manipulate the two people helping Bonzo, Ender creates a fair fight. Even further using his courage, Ender defeats Bonzo, accidentally killing him. Likewise to Ender, Peekay uses his courage in fisticuffs and in protecting the ones he loves. Furthermore, each win Ender earned, the more courage he received in return, and likewise with Peekay. Throughout The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, Peekay demonstrates courage by protecting his loved ones and having determination.
Attempting to protect the ones he loves, Peekay displays courage throughout the book. Responding to Mervou’s question of the location of Granpa Chook, Peekay manages “to keep the tears out of [his] voice” as he tells Mervou that Grandpa Chook died (53). This demonstrates his courage and ability to persevere through his daily endeavors. Not crying became one of Peekay’s camouflages, meaning that without his courage, Peekay would have never been able to survive and succeed. Furthermore, Peekay defends Hoppie by saying, “He only forgot mine”, after Pik Botha accuses Hoppie of purposefully not clipping tickets (107). Even though there were no consequences for Hoppie for not clipping tickets, Peekay still defended his name. No matter the situation, Peekay will do what it takes, including lying, to protect the ones he loves. Finally, after the sergeant kicks Doc to the ground, Peekay jumps in front of Doc, blocking a kick “intended for Doc’s ribs” which “caught [Peekay] under the chin”, proving that he would do anything to protect his loved ones (167). Doc, under arrest for suspicion of being a spy, becomes another example of how everything Peekay loves gets taken away from him. Unwanting of...

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