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Courageous Acts Of Nam: The Draft

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In 1959 the drawn out battle between Vietnam and America had begun. This war was started based on preventing the spread of communism throughout the world. It was said that the United States soldiers fought a “jungle war.” Millions of men and thousands of women called upon their courage during this era and drafted into the war.
Throughout American history it has been necessary to call upon the draft, The Vietnam war was one of these many different times (“Protests against the Vietnam War”). The draft was a big necessity during this war. And it has also been estimated that around 9,087,000 military men and women served on active duty during the Vietnam War” (“Vietnam War Statistics & Exclusive photos”). Millions of these soldiers were men, but there were indeed thousands of women included also. Many of the soldiers involved were not done by choice. However, as shocking as it sounds, near two-thirds of the American men serving the war was voluntarily. Out of the 9,087,000 military personnel that served in the war, 58,156 had died. 47,359 of these deaths were caused by hostile deaths, the rest were the opposite. Along with death came injuries. 303,704 were wounded and around 153,329 were hospitalized (“Vietnam War Statistic”). There were many different kinds of men and women who deployed into the Vietnam War, but there is definitely one thing that all of these soldiers shared, and it was their courage. Without this trait, the men and women who came out alive would have never survived the mental aspect of the war. Courageousness is key when it comes to facing as giant as big as war.
Out of the millions of men that drafted into the Vietnam War three men, Tim O’Brien, Scott Sexton, and John McCain were significantly important. Tim O’Brien, writer of the book The Things they Carried, served in the Vietnam War. His book contains many different stories all based on events from the Vietnam War, some true and some not as much. There have been many interviews with Tim O’Brien about his book; for instance, one that appeared on PBS. In this interview Tim was asked about when he was in Vietnam if he ever wrote down things that he might later on write a book about and he then answered, “I did write in Vietnam, I can’t say it was a lot, maybe an hour here and there, at the end of the day. But while the other men were talking about home, and their wives I would just sit and write things down about my day.” (Finnegan). Not only did Tim O’Brien write a book based on events that happened with him and around him in Vietnam but he also talks about it through interviews. Most men who have served in such a devastating war usually have the mindset to not want to talk about what they had experienced. It can be believed that O’Brien had great courage talking about his past war experiences, however, he does say that “Some things from war comes up like clumps, huge gaps, erased from his memory .” He also states, “Most of Vietnam is gone from my memory; I am left with...

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