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This course is in its twilight, and I wanted to share some thoughts with you right before the screen goes down.

It can appear, and in fact it will to those of you who did not speak with me recently, that I have abandoned you in the last few weeks. Nothing can be further than the truth. Since week 4 I have been curbing my enthusiasm and participation in the threads, both academic and Larry David (i.e. incendiary) styles.

This is the first time that I teach a DuPont cohort. Earlier this semester I have been warned that some of these cohorts become aggressive, unsupportive and non-responsive, on the other hand I heard that in some rare cases these cohorts are far superior than any other we have in Drexel. It is my firm belief that you belong in the second group. From the start this cohort has been engaging and thoughtful. Moreover, you have grasped the notion that higher quality is far superior to quantity. The initial posts in the threads and the reactions to them were both thoughtful and thought provoking. While a casual external observer might say there was a decline towards the end, I would say this is always true. Right about week 7 the teams start focusing more energy on your projects. But even with this focus the discussions stayed interesting to me, and that is not an easy task for most students. You brought your experiences and expertise to the discussions, shared your knowledge with your friends and debated questions that will, probably, become more realistic to you in the future.

The only thing I regret with regards to this course is that it was online. I can’t help but wonder what would it feel like to have you in class in a live discussion. As someone who prefers frontal class to distance teaching I am saddened to hear that you might be one of the last DuPont cohorts with Drexel. I guess budget cuts will prevent me from this experience. Or, to put a positive spin on it, these cuts will prevent me the disappointment of a lesser DuPont cohort in the future.

I know some of you are concerned about grades. Since I am finalizing the grading of your individual Cox analysis and you projects are not graded yet the following estimate is not set...

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