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Islam is a religion far from my understanding. Actually, I have to admit, with the little bit of information I do have, I find it to be an aggressive religion and one that I would not be interested in learning about. Of course, initially I think of that solemn day – September 11, 2001. I lay partial blame for that horrific day on the followers of the Islam religion. However, I also realize that bitterness detains growth. If I am to continue to grow as a culturally competent professional; educating myself about Islam is a responsibility. I have therefore chosen the Islam religion as my topic for this research paper. It’s the second largest religion and one of the fastest growing in the world. Islam is based on the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed, which have been written down in the Quran. The Islam religion is directed by the Quran. The Quran is considered to be the final testament of all teachings of God. Similarly, the Holy Bible is a text of similar collections of primary religious teachings of Judaism and Christianity.
A follower of the Islam religion is a Muslim. God is the center of the Islamic faith, and is upheld by the prophets Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Islam is an affirmation of faith, along with a way of life. Central to Islam are the five pillars, which include specific acts of worship, including prayer and faith, and following Islamic law which encompasses all aspects of support of the needy, Ramadan fasting, and a onetime pilgrimage to Makkah. Muslim life is built around these five pillars. Five prayers a day are required, which only takes a few minutes to complete. This is an opportunity for the worshipper to have a private meeting with God. It is then, that they should have personal contentment amongst themselves. The Islam way of life is referred to as the most obsessive-compulsive religion. There are a number of “...circumstances and elements that can cause a Muslim's prayer to "not count," like sighing, talking, clapping, turning away from the Qibla (direction of prayer), folding one's hands, not washing up properly, intentionally laughing, intentionally weeping about worldly matters” etc (5).
The most important pillar of Islam, faith, is noted by speaking a direct testimony with confidence; “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur rasoolu Allah.” This means there is no God, but Allah, and his messenger is Muhammad. Wealth truly belongs to God, and followers of the Islamic religion only hold that wealth in trust. Giving Zakat is an expectation of the religion. It is then that you give a specific percentage of property/money to the needy, as a form of charity.
It is important in the Islamic religion to continuously grow in the spiritual life. This is exercised by fasting the month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It serves as a time to rejuvenate oneself and appreciate those who are hungry and less fortunate. The fast is from dawn until sundown, and includes all food,...

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