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Course Work International Business Essay

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1. What are the benefits of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the host country?
The are four significant benefits of inward FDI for the host country. Firstly, the host
country benefits from resource-transfer effects. Resource-transfer effects mean that FDI positively impacts the world economy by providing management resources, technologies, and capital that were not available for the host country. Such influx of resources facilitates country’s economic growth, as well (Hill, 2013).
Secondly, the host country benefits from balance-of-payments effects that occur when the FDI facilitates inward flow of foreign earnings. Also, FDI can benefits the host country’s balance-of-payments when the ...view middle of the document...

Other things being equal, why is FDI risky and expensive? Compare the risks of FDI with the risks of exporting and licensing.
FDI is considered expensive because a company must make significant investments into development of production facilities abroad or acquire a foreign enterprise. FDI is risky because doing business in a different cultural environment may pose different challenges that the enterprise does not have experience of solving. Also, there is a greater probability that a foreign company will make costly mistakes due to its unawareness or ignorance of local business practices. Risks of exporting are smaller and fewer since exporting firm does not bear additional costs associated with FDI. Similarly, when one company allows another company to manufacture its products under license, the licensee bears the costs or risks. Nevertheless, some firms undertake FDI as a response to trade barriers such as high import tariffs or restrictive quotas. High tariffs on imported goods can increase the cost of exporting ad end product in comparison with FDI and licensing. Additionally, limiting import quotas increase the attractiveness of FDI. Also, trade barriers do not have to be in...

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