Coursework...On How Much Energy Content Is In Food.

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IntroductionFood provides us with the energy we need to grow, move, think and for many other vital reactions in our bodies. This energy is stored in chemical bonds in the food molecules and released in our bodies when we need it. This energy is released slowly in our bodies but more quickly if the food is burnt it air. This heat energy can be used to heat water. Some foods store and can release a lot more energy than other foods.AimThe aim of this investigation is to contrast the amount of energy stored in a selection of foods.Fair testingTo make this a fair test I am going to use the same digital thermometer each time, I will also keep the food the same distance away from the boiling tube, keep the bunsen burner on the same heat and use the same measuring cylinder each time I measure out the water.Apparatus·Boiling tube·Pin·Bunsen burner·Measuring cylinder·20cm3 water·Digital thermometer·Stand and clamp·5 different foodsPlanAt the start I am going to record the start temperature of the water, then I will burn the piece of food and then place it under the boiling tube, filled with 20cm3 of water. When the flame on the food has burnt out I will then take the temperature of the water in the boiling tube and record it in my results table. I shall repeat this 3 times for each of the foods. Then I will find the average of all 3 results and find out how much energy has been burnt, put it into a separate table and then I will then be able to complete a graph.I will investigate 5 different foods. They will be:·Peanuts·Wotsits·Crackers·Bread·BiscuitI chose this number of foods so I have a lot of foods to compare with the other foods and work out what type of foods burn more energy. I chose these foods because they are a wide variety, some are fatty foods and some are...

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