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Many people are unfamiliar with euthanasia. According to the medical dictionary euthanasia is defined in two ways; active and passive. Passive euthanasia is a choice to ending a life in which a physician is given an option not to prescribe treatments for the terminal ill patients. Another example of passive euthanasia is the “do not resuscitate order” (DNR). Basically, in passive euthanasia nothing is done to save the patient’s life. Active euthanasia is the practice of injecting or administrating medication of a lethal dose or suffocating the patient with a plastic bag. The doctor essentially does the task of killing the patient. Both are considered types of euthanasia, however they are extremely different. Those who are unfamiliar with this process might say it is an unethical physician-aided suicide that is inhumane, or murder. Yet illogicality to continue the suffering of an individual when there is a more humane and less painful way for them is inhumane and unethical.
Aside from passive and active euthanasia, there is voluntary and involuntary euthanasia (Medical). In voluntary euthanasia, the patient request to end his/her life or to stop a treatment with full knowledge of what is happening; which is most common. Involuntary euthanasia is why people see euthanasia as murder, inhumane, and unethical. The patient is unaware that his/her life is going to be ended. Usually this means the patient is unable to communicate, unconscious, too sick, or weak to know what is going on. Most times courts declare people are “legally incompetent”, which is a case that voluntary euthanasia can be used. With so many different ways euthanasia can be performed it is hard to tell if you are for euthanasia or against euthanasia. For example, during voluntary passive euthanasia if the patient declared that the medical treatment they are receiving is only making them worse than the illness or disease they would have to tell the doctors that they want to end treatment. Whereas involuntary active euthanasia would be if the patient believes that their life is not worth living anymore; the doctor takes action and kills the patient. Both entirely different things yet still euthanasia.
Assisted suicide is similar and compared to euthanasia but instead a patient is oversees a drug or something can could potentially end his/her life but the doctors do not do actually kill the patient. For example, if a doctor administers pills, or a hypodermic needle but does not force the patient to take the pills or inject the patient with the needle this is assisted suicide (Euthanasia).Both forms of euthanasia have become major issues in today’s society. The decision for legalizing euthanasia and physician-aided suicide (PAS) has intensified. for example both were made legal in the Netherlands since 2000 and Belgium since 2002 and only legal assisted suicide in Oregon since 1998 (Court Cases). The argument is not about letting people die naturally because we’ve always had that...

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