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Court Cases Of Naomi Campbell Essay

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Media, Law, Ethics and regulation Court ruling in one of the recent cases of Naomi Campbell Case with the Daily Mirror has all the more signified the issue concerning the laws of privacy. Naomi filed two cases, one against MGM Limited and the other against Vanessa Frisbee. The first case involved the periodical Daily Mirror’s two of the articles that relates to the Campbell’s drug addiction and a photograph of her parting a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The issue of the case revolves around the law of privacy in UK as Naomi argued that the Daily Mirror had violated the poise in printing her picture and making public some personal and confidential information. It was not that Naomi contended on making public that she was a drug addict, but that the Daily Mirror violated her right of privacy under the Human Rights Act as well as the breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. While the court rejected the claim over the privacy law under the Human Rights Act in lieu that the information that was publicized was not much too confidential, but the second claim regarding the breach of Data Protection Act and the right to privacy under the Human Rights Act, Article 8 of the European (Lubbock, 2003). Convention of Human Rights and freedom of expression under Article 10 concluded that the media was at liberty to put into effect its freedom to "put the record straight". The Court identified that it did not require taking into account whether there was a tort of contravention of confidentiality in English law and concluded that the Human Rights Act had a considerable influence on the UK’s confidentiality law. Thus, from the perception of IT law, maybe, for the most part, the remarkable decision of the Court pertaining to the study of the claims regarding the Data Protection Act that according to the Court is "certainly a cumbersome and inelegant piece of legislation" and concluded that the information that was published by the Daily Mirror included the snap of Campbell leaving the meeting held at the Narcotics Anonymous. This picture was in fact a piece of "data" that is contained by the denotation of the Data Protection Act and that the dispensation of that confidential data was not "fair" contained by the implication of the primary data protection standard as the photographs had not been justly acquired (Lubbock, 2003). Furthermore, the data in inquiry was "sensitive personal data" for the reason that it pertained to the health of Campbell. As a consequence, it was concluded by the court that except that Daily Mirror could make the most of the freedom in the Data Protection Act given to the publication of press, the scholarly as well as arty data in section 32, there had been an infringement of the Data Protection Act for which Ms Campbell go to be...

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