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CLAW 1001 Commercial Transactions ACourt Report1. Background detailsName of court visited: Local CourtCourtroom 5.6 Downing Center Level 5143-147 Liverpool St, SydneyDate of visit: 16th August 2004Name of the Case: Keller v Toyota Motor Co. (2004)Name of Presiding Magistrate: MadgwickPlaintiff: Michael KellerSubject matter of the case:It was a civil matter. The defendant is a manufacturer of automobiles. It sold an automobile to a retail dealer. The retail dealer resold to the plaintiff. While the plaintiff was in the car it suddenly collapsed. He was thrown out and injured. One of the wheels was made of sensitive material, and its spokes crumbled into fragments. The defendant did not make the wheel; it was from another manufacturer.Representation of parties:Both of the parties were represented by solicitors. Solicitor who was called Smith, represented the plaintiff; and Kean represented the defendant.2. Layout of the courtThe panel that is in the top of the courtroom is for the magistrate and in front of that panel is the place for the depositions clerk or recorder. On the left hand side is the place for the witness or someone who will tell the testimony and on the right hand side is the place for the writer or recorder. The seats for the public gallery are located near the entry door and the opposite of the magistrate panel. In the middle of the room there is a place for the defendant who seats on the left hand side and plaintiff on the right hand side that in this case is the crown. The layout of the court is diagrammatically represented in Page 6.3. Court proceedingsWhen the magistrate came into the room, everyone bowed to the magistrate. The court proceeding was started when the magistrate called the defendant and stated the case.l Role of the judge or magistrate in the proceeding:The magistrate, Madgwick evaluated as to whether evidence was fit for submission, and listened to the arguments presented by both parties. The magistrate took a cursory look at the police statements and other evidence that was submitted, rather than looking at them in any detail. She was very carefully heard the case and her attitude to it were also seriously.The magistrate played an important role in proceedings at the end of the session when he summed up the facts of the case, handed down her verdict, and provided reasoning for her verdict. It is important to note that in this case she had sole discretion and control over what penalty would be imposed.l Degree of formality or informality in the proceeding:The proceeding of the case could be said formal because each person in the court was responsible for his or her work seriously. At the beginning of the proceedings, the court officer instructed the court to stand when the magistrate entered the room. Immediately...

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2098 words - 8 pages 1. On arrival at the downing courts on Liverpool St, the court officer Richard took the commerce II students on a tour. The students were provided with a brief history on the building before they were taken to courtroom 2 on level one. Here Richard explained the role and jurisdiction of both the local and district courts as well as the layout of the court room. He also explained that the Australian court system is arranged in a hierarchy.The

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797 words - 3 pages courts for precise circumstances to focus on the matter at hand more fairly, and to lessen the strain of the workload for other departments.ReferencesSteffle, J. (2005). Michigan Criminal Laws and Police Procedure (7th edition). Lansing, MI: Lansing Community College.Michigan Supreme Court (2007). Annual Report: The Michigan Supreme Court. Retrieved May 7th, 2008 from, State of Michigan Website: www.courts.michigan.govMaryland Judiciary (2008). Overview of the Maryland court system. Retrieved on May 11, 2008 from:


731 words - 3 pages afraid to speak to court officials when they are free if you need information to complete this form.8. If you have insufficient space on the report complete your answers on a separate sheet.9. As a note of reminder: TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE and be properly attired.Student Name:Student No.:Course: HD in Legal and Administrative Studies ( 21919/3)Class:In which Court was the matter heard?It was heard in the Court No. No. 39 (2/F) of the Court of First

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1165 words - 5 pages Etymology of Court In this report, I have attempted to display a general understanding of how the word court arrived in the English language and suggest reasons for its evolution. Much of the challenge has been determining what of the information I could present. Length restrictions and the condition set out, to use The Norton Anthology of English Literature as the only source to show the synchronic use of the word, have forced me to take a

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940 words - 4 pages appellate court, the Crown Court which deals with criminal jury trials and appeals from Magistrates Court, the County Court which is usually a first instance Court for civil cases and finally the Magistrates Court which deals with predominantly criminal but also some civil jurisdiction.In his report on access to justice, Lord Woolf identified a range of problems with the civil justice system.1. 牋牋牋牋Cases were turning out to


887 words - 4 pages Court System in Effingham County The court system in Effingham County consists of a juvenile court, magistrate court, a probate court, a recorders court, state court, superior court, and a municipal court. The juvenile court handles all delinquent complaints concerning children that are under the age of 17. The Magistrate court is important for the people of the community as it assists individuals in civil and criminal actions. One does not

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1772 words - 7 pages its audience informed on matters of public importance. There is concern within the legal profession that media coverage of trials directly influences the beliefs and opinions of jurors regarding evidence or the person standing trial. If and when this truly occurs, the media is guilty of being in contempt of the court because its publicity introduces bias into a process that ought to be fundamentally impartial. (POUS Report, 2008). In the

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1090 words - 4 pages Common law is the law made by judges when deciding a certain case before the court. The reasoning the judge applies becomes a precedent, to be followed by other lower courts in future matters of similarity. This is the basis for the doctrine of precedent. A precedent is either a binding precedent, the reason for a decision of a higher court that must be followed by a court of lower status in the same hierarchy; or a persuasive precedent, meaning

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950 words - 4 pages purposes. The officer must ensure that all of this was properly documented within their incident report, as it also becomes part of the court record. It was essential that the officer documented the demeanor and perception of both the subject and victim. The incident report must paint the full picture of the circumstances for the judge and/or jury. The officer would also have their department’s Victim Advocate follow up with the victim and check in

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1995 words - 8 pages The Work of the Magistrates Court and Magistrates In the legal system there are many different types of courts. This essay talks about the Magistrates Courts and the Magistrates themselves. The office of magistrate dates back to the 12th century when Richard 1 appointed "keepers of the peace". They have performed judicial functions since the 13th century and the term, justice of the peace was being used as far back as

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Court Report

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747 words - 3 pages Court Report1. Where is the court situated? Did you find it difficult to reach?The local court that I attended was at Hornsby. It was easy to reach since it was on the main road (Pacific Highway) and was located next to the Council Chambers. I attended the Court on Friday the 2nd of August from 10am to 2pm.2. How was the work distributed at the Court? Compare the number of matters for hearing and mention, eg locate the List Sheets of matters for