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Executive SummaryIn this report, we are working out the financial ratio figures of Woolworths ltd for the year 2012 to find out whether it is beneficial to invest in the business or not. We will talk about the chairman's and managing director's report too. The financial analysis of Woolworths has revealed some facts like it still has liquidity problems, which can be concluded on the basis of the current ratio, inventory turnover, and quick ratio. It shows that Woolworth's does not have the ability to cover its current liabilities using its current assets; there is no satisfactory improvement of Woolworth since the last year. If we look at the solvency ratio, the company has not improved from the previous as shown the adjusted debt to total asset ratio is only 1% increase, and declining interest coverage.. Woolworths has shown quite a declining rate for its overall profitability. For Woolworth's, right now it has decreasing sales and profits condition. Woolworths needs to receive more investments to improve the future sales of company rather than sharing its earning with the shareholders. Woolworths has to control its expenses to improve its return on sales relative to the profit generation. It has to be very careful in its credit collection policies. The inventory should not be ordered at bulk. Woolworths should decrease the operating expenses accordingly. Woolworths have to do some promotional activities or the other way is to increase its receivables so that the company could receive the cash from the customers and thus it will increase the cash return on sales.IntroductionIn this report, we will focus on the some main areas of Woolworths ltd to see if it is a good industry to have investment with. Firstly we will discuss about the company, give a brief overview of its core business with details of its full operational activities for earning revenues. We have to also discuss the significant issues which we can figure out from the chairman's report and managing director's report. We will also discuss the corporate governance statement and will do the ratio analysis for year 2012 pointing out the key ratios and compare it with the previous year and will decide on the basis of ratio analysis to show the comparative study between the two years.Company overview with its operational activitiesIntroduction of Woolworths ltd, Business & details of its operating activities.Core businessWoolworths Limited is an Australian retail company. It is ranked number 4 out of the top 2000 companies of Australia. It got more than 2,400 stores and 200 progressive supermarkets in New Zealand, which are serving millions of customers every day with their choice, low prices, and excellent quality. The company generates most of its income through the supermarkets and grocery. In the year of 2012, the company's total revenue was $55,526,800,000 including sales and other revenue. Woolworths ltd got 190000 employees overall Australia in its subsidiary chain. Major...

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1214 words - 5 pages stay action. Such a motion would require that the Court stop proceedings on the consolidated suites that were organized to take place in a in a single class action. Zappos would now need each single appellant to go through an arbitration procedure. This motion was held in a phrase in Zappos's terms of use, which acknowledged that clashes will be resolved through confidential arbitration. Any dispute involving in any way to your visit to the


945 words - 4 pages CLAW 1001 Commercial Transactions ACourt Report1. Background detailsName of court visited: Local CourtCourtroom 5.6 Downing Center Level 5143-147 Liverpool St, SydneyDate of visit: 16th August 2004Name of the Case: Keller v Toyota Motor Co. (2004)Name of Presiding Magistrate: MadgwickPlaintiff: Michael KellerSubject matter of the case:It was a civil matter. The defendant is a manufacturer of automobiles. It sold an automobile to a retail dealer

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