Courtesy, Restpect And Kindness To Each Other, Walking In The Footsteps Of Jesus

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We as a class should consider walking in the footsteps ofJesus towards Courtesy, Respect and Kindness. By doing all threewe can create a much more better enviroment for ourselves andinfluence others to do the same. It will be ultimately to our advantageand will also be the right thing to do, and in doing so we can work inunity with each other and reach our goals.We as students should act in a matter of coutesy, respect andkindness especially during lent. By doing so we can walk in thefootsteps of Jesus. We can show courtesy to each other byaddressing each other in a polite manner, such as saying "excuseme" when someone is in your way or "please" when asking forsomething ...view middle of the document...

We as individuals should show respect towardseach other, becuase we work in unity to praise the lord and we are allcreate equal by god, and when we show disrespect to each other it isvery impolite and very unkind, which in turn also violates the other 2aspects in walking in the footsteps of lord jesus christ which is courtesyand kindness. Respect is something that everyone wants, and ifsomeone disrespects someone else, they are not getting anything inreturn except for something negative, such as one's feelings gettinghurt or retaliation. Respect is the number one aspect in walking in thefootsteps of Jesus.Kindness is also needed to walk in the footsteps of jesus. When awe are kind toeach other we can work more collaboratively with less agrument. Even simple acts ofkindness such as saying hi to them once in a while or giving them a smile can reallybrighten up someone's day if they are feeling down. You can never be too kind tosomeone, so we should be as kind to each other as we possibly can, and in doing sowe can show that we love and care for each other as we are living in the sameenviroment that god has created for us.In being kind to each other, we are respecting each other and being courtious toeach other, so basically all three aspects which are courtesy, respect and kindness gohand in hand and that leads to the path that Jesus has taken. In doing this we can helpeach other and most likely influence others to do the same, and some day we all willlive in total peace which is one of our ultimate goals.

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