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Courthouse Field Trip Essay

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It was as if, in one afternoon, the civics and law classes had seen Ottawa in its entirety. The May 15 field trip to the main courthouses was astounding thanks to the numerous experiences that I was able to come home with. The main unforgettable experiences were—without a doubt—the mock trial at the Supreme Court, the defence lawyer, Gary Barnes, and the exhilarating cases in the Superior Court of Justice. Each one of these events, although equally as entertaining, contributed to my experience in diverse ways.

First off, the Supreme Court of Canada, although not as interesting as the Elgin St. Courthouse, was very interesting nonetheless. When we had arrived at approximately 9:30 in the ...view middle of the document...

During his speech, I admired his ability to passionately send a point across while also being entertaining. In fact, he was able to connect with everyone to such a degree that it was essentially impossible to ignore what he had to say. Moreover, I have yet to identify one dull aspect of his speech. Whether he was recounting a personal story, or explaining the courtroom setup, he kept me hooked for the entire time. And, in what seemed like fifteen minutes, it was time for one o’clock lunch. Given these points, Gary Barnes was definitely one of the main elements of the trip. Without his fascinating speech, the trip would not have been immeasurably less thorough.

Lastly, two of the cases that I had viewed at the Elgin Street Courhouse were superior to anything I have ever seen on television before—they were invigorating. First of all, I viewed a rather interesting case in courtroom thirty-seven about a man, Alam Buock, who was charged with various drug and weapon offences. In spite of the fact that I did not get to see the sentencing, I was able to receive numerous notes on the case and how it was being conducted. Additionally, I also found it interesting how Alam Buock already had been proven guilty of all the offences beforehand. On the other hand, I found it quite dismaying when the Crown would refer to the defence...

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